The Complete Style Guide For PETITE Women

A petite woman has nothing to do with being skinny or lean. In fact it has no correlation with weight. It refers to a woman who is shorter than 5’3-5’4. Petite women come in all shapes and sizes. You may have a structure that is pear shaped or hourglass and still be petite. As compared to regular clothing, petite garments have narrower shoulders and shorter seams. The seam of the shoulder should match where your real shoulder is, even if the top is on the bulkier side. Having shoulder seams that extend beyond your actual shoulders will make your shoulders look very puffed up and your clothing look ill-fitted. Here are a few useful pointers that will help you step out of house like a diva:


Since height is the primary cause of concern here it is very important to fool people into believing that you are taller than you actually are

  • GO FOR MONOCHROME: A single color helps elongate your body as the partition between your top half and bottom half is not clearly visible. Another way to make your legs look longer is by matching your pants or stockings with your shoes. If you are opting for skirts, you could team it with a pair of nude pumps or flats to camouflage the division between your ankle and your shoes.
Monocromatic look
A Monocromatic look
  • GO FOR WELL TAILORED CLOTHES: Ill-fitted clothes can make you look like a complete disaster. Make sure you get your clothes fitted to perfection by scouting for a good tailor.
  • OPT FOR UP-DOWN DESIGNS: It follows a basic concept. Anything horizontal with give an illusion of width and anything vertical will give an illusion of height. Keeping this in mind you could opt for clothes with vertical motifs, stripes, and seams.
  • V-NECKLINES: A V-neckline creates a vertical elongation and hence makes the wearer look taller.
  • GO FOR HIGH-WAIST BOTTOMS: A high waist skirt or pants would make your legs appear longer.Team it up with a well fitted top.


  •   THICK CLOTHING MATERIAL: Thick and bulky garments have the tendency to make you look all fluffed up, avoid this by sticking to lightweight fabric that goes easy with your petite frame.
  • AVOID OVER THE TOP CHUNKY NECK-PIECES: This will throw focus on your narrow frame and make your shoulders look overburdened and completely packed.
  • AVOID WIDE BELTS: Wide belts tend to divide your body thus not letting your body look elongated. Use the rule of thirds, so you don’t split your body in half.
  •  DON’T SLOUCH: It will show your lack of confidence and will also make you appear shorter than you actually are. How you carry yourself is of paramount importance, so do keep that in mind when you step out.
  • BAGGY CLOTHING: This is a complete no-no! They make you look shorter.
  • AVOID OVER-SIZED BAGS: They complete shift the focus from you to the bag and make you look small.
  • AVOID LONG TOPS: Make sure that your tops stop at the hipline or above. Longer tops will make your legs appear even shorter.


  •  DENIMS: Skinny jean is great for the thin petite woman. A low rise jean is great for a short torso. For the plus size petite woman, go for straight cuts with slim fit.
  • DRESS:
A-line Dress



Victoria Beckham sporting various looks


  1. Solid colors- Stick to monochrome dresses or dresses with few color variations. Opt for simple shift dresses.
  2. Defined waistline-Dresses that contain a defined waistline enhance a petite woman’s frame as they lengthen the appearance of their legs.
  3. A-Line-Petite women should choose an A-line silhouette dress to create a sense of proportion, particularly if they carry weight in their hips or thighs.
  4. Belted dress-Petite women should also consider wearing belted dresses to enhance the appearance of their frames. Belted dresses produce the visual illusion of longer legs.
  5. Shoulder-padded dress- Dresses with shoulder pads also help to make your frame look broader, but make sure the pads are not very thick, else you’ll end up looking boxy.
  6. Wrap dress- It has a built-in V-neck as the diagonal direction that creates a waistline for women who don’t have small waists. For petite women, a wrap creates a figure-flattering look.

In general, stick to knee length or shorter dresses.

  • GOWNS AND MAXI’S: Go for a gown with an empire waist, it makes your lower body look elongated. Petite women should also opt for gowns that are made of textured fabrics. These fabrics can give the appearance          of fullness and class.

If your maxi is voluminous on the bottom, balance things out by wearing something fitted or tucked on top.


Empire Waist Wedding Dress
An Empire Waist Wedding Dress
  • SHOES: Opt for heels to give you the obvious height. You could opt for classic pumps, backstrapped heels or peep-toes instead of wedges. If you are not comfortable in heels, you could go for kitten heels or pointed ballerinas.

So, all you petite girls out there, are you ready for the ball?

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