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Lets admit it, who doesn’t want to smell great? I love fragrances and end up finishing a lot of bottles of body sprays and perfumes. And the best part is, instead of spending a heavy price on these sprays we can get the perfect ones in such a reasonable price. So, here I have tried unveiling the top and the best available perfumes just under Rs. 1000.

1. The Body Shop Shea EDT

The Body Shop Shea EDT

Sweet, subtle and feminine describes this fragrance in the best way. It has a sweet smell but the sweetness is not over powering and has a soothing effect on the skin. You need to spray a little to feel the fragrance and hence a bottle can last a long time. Price – Rs. 795


2. Revlon Charlie Red

Revlon Charlie Red

Charlie Red by Revlon is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women. I like the simple old school packaging. The fragrance is happy and light-hearted. Best lowest prices sourced from flipkart , amazon, ebay, snapdeal.  Price – Rs. 499


3. Skin Nude by Titan

Skin Nude perfume by titan

Whenever you want to smell sexy and extraordinary than Skin Nude is your perfect choice. It   has aromas of lychee and rose which gives it the feminine touch. And the best part is that it pretty much lasts forever. Price – Rs. 930


4. Zara Rose

Zara Rose                                                                                                                                
Why wouldn’t anyone buy this when it smells almost like Dior’s J’adore perfume range and we can buy it for exactly the fraction of the price. Price – Rs. 550

5. True Red EDT by Marks and Spencer

True Red by Marks and Spencer

This one is perfect for winters and is long lasting. Its cheap and cheerful. Moreover smells like Hugo Boss’s Deep Red. So hell yes! you are getting value for money. Price – Rs. 550


6. Trendy from Nike                                                                                                                                            Trendy from Nike

Its sporty and cheerful and perfectly designed for the 21st century girl. By  spraying it you can  start your day refreshingly. Price – Rs. 569


7. Playboy Play it Spicy

Playboy - Play it Spicy

Its perfect when you want to let your wild side show. Everybody wants a Playboy in the their vanity and you can totally have one too! Go play! Price – Rs. 474


8. Zara Black Peony                                                                                                                                             Zara Black Peony

Sweet, sexy and slightly mysterious. It can be found in multiple packaging, some cute (as shown in the picture above) and some travel friendly. Price – Rs. 890


9. Fruity Rhythm by Adidas

Fruity Rhythm by Adidas

Do you love pink? Than this is the best pick. It has floral and fruity scent. Its fragrance is the  perfect stress reliever.   Price – Rs. 555


10. Just Pink by Next

Just pink by Next

It has rich, rosy base which suits every woman. Light and feminine and smells exactly like  Ralph Lauren’s Romance with similar packaging. Not available in India but you can buy it online at reasonable price.


Shopping for your favorite brand is now quick and easy because of e-comm sites. It has huge range of fragrances. Also if budget is not an issue than Chanel, Givenchy, Gucci, Georgio Armani are few of the best brands.

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Keep attracting and swaying everyone with the beautiful body fragrances,



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