As summer comes Hair gets tighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks gets colder. Music gets louder. Days get longer. Life gets better…

Summer is here

Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes. Figuring out what to get dressed in each morning when your brain is only 50% functioning is the problem every women faces.
So lets start with a few tips that can help women figure out what to wear and what not to. These tips can help a women look fashionable rather than a fashion disaster.
The cardinal rule to hot-weather dressing is that bigger is better. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, double-layering in the summertime is actually the key. A single piece will stick to your body and you’ll find yourself constantly tugging, fixing things to make sure you’re not accidentally flashy. So, find clothes that already came with an inner slip or layers. Wear light colored clothing and select fabrics made with breathable weaves and natural fibers such as cotton,linen .

Maxi dresses

Remember that dark colors do not reflect light but rather absorb it and all other factors being constant, are thus hotter.Loose, tunic-like dresses or skirts are generally more comfortable than fitted styles, but proportion is key.
These look best if they hit just at the top of the knee or a few inches higher, depending on your age and your comfort in showing your legs.

Summer look

The most rare tip that I will share is that don’t put your boots away. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear boots anywhere. Sure they’re heavier  than a summer sandal, but they add a little edge to sweet summer shorts or a sundress.


Summer is the time to experiment with fresh colors. However, you also have to be careful while dressing up in summer. You have to look stylish and at the same time your clothes should be able to survive the heat. Summer is all about hassle free dressing. With some creative ingenuity, you can transform your summer attire into outdoor chic.
Just make sure you are prepared to take full advantage of summers by wearing comfortable clothing with a stylish Flair.!

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