The Pretty Pink

Pink has been the standout color trend of the season. Pink isn’t only worn on Wednesdays anymore! Whether it’s a dusky rose or fuchsia tone, pink is unquestionably the color of the season. Pink for sure is universally flattering color if you are able to find the right shade. Who knows? Pink may actually become the new black. The only problem with pink as far as I can tell is the danger of overdoing it. In fashion world, wearing pink can be a bit of a challenge. I’m a huge fan of the all over pink ensemble, but even I can admit there are times when it might look a bit girlish and unprofessional. Pink can be hard to wear, especially if you’re typically not a pink person. But how to style it? Pink is definitely for the cheeks this year.

Here are my favourite ways to wear PINK!




When in doubt about pink, wear the color in coat form. A bright pink hue is one of the best ways to cure winter blues. Ditch the neutral black, beige and grey. Go for the bright and soft pink this winter season. Pair them up with black leggings and a pair a of sexy boots for an ultimate classy look. For the corporate look pair pink blazer with trousers. When it comes to simple, lady like outwear you can’t go wrong with a pink overcoat.


pink heels

Heels can be painful at times. But they still are a girl’s best-friend. No girl can ever have enough heels in her closet. Pink heels can be paired with any neutral shades like white, nude, grey, beige etc. They look stunning if paired with a cute little white dress. Pink heels is for sure a must in every girls shoe collection. If paired correctly there is no need to accessorize yourself more as the pink heels perfectly does the magic.



Fashion likes to flirt with different skirt lengths and hems, but this year everyone is wearing the midi because it’s chick. The Midi skirt are back in fashion. There can be no better color than pink to sport this skirt in. Pink midi skirt looks fabulous with a white shirt and a good pair of heels. Midi skirts defy the seasonal calendar. You can pair up midi skirts according to the season.  Midi skirts for sure have proven themselves essential in every style.


pull over

Team up this casual pink pullover with a skinner and a pair of smart black boots to get the ultimate girly look. Pink pullover may look casual but at the same time they can make you look chick. Girls should know how to correctly pair up these baggy pullovers. The over sized pink pull over can be the most fashionable yet comfortable winter look.



Every girl needs this stylish light-colored pink trousers in her wardrobe. Team up the trousers with a dark colored jackets, neutral color sweaters or the same coats for the chick look. Avoid wearing hot pink pants as if they aren’t paired correctly they can prove out to be quite a disaster.



The easiest way to work pink into your outfit is with the help of accessorizing yourself with pink. Pink earrings, belts, handbags. bracelets, nail-paints can surely help you to carry the color as well as help you from not becoming fashion disaster. As all of us know every girl loves pink but when it comes to dressing in this color all of us fear most of the time.



Beanie is the new trend this winter. Nothing completes a winter look without a beanie. Pair up pink beanies with your cosy coats and long sweaters, as they give you a trendy as well as a cute look.


pink dress

Short black and white dresses used to be the trend of all party occasions. But, not anymore because now it’s the power of pink. Little pink dresses make you look chick as well as cute.

So girl, what are you waiting for? Go try these trendy pink attires!

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