The Spring Look Book : Look 1, Go Floral With Drops Of Pearls

We’re done and dusted with Winter. Welcome Spring with a wide smile, vibrant colours and the perfect Spring look! Bring out the flower power in you, with all the bright colours you have and team them up with the pearls that shine, and go out & about, in the bright sun, fresh as Spring! Here’s the first look, that all you gorgeous ladies can perfectly pull of this Spring.

Start your Spring with a fresh floral look. So, what can be better than a cute, soft and comfy dress? After all, we all love dresses & yes, flowers too! 🙂 Pick a sleeveless floral dress in blue, something like I’ve selected from, Forever 21, with a light and comfortable fabric. A detailed collar always adds on to the beauty of anything you wear and thus, a white lacy collar with little pearl embellishments.

The complete Spring look 1

The lacy collar with pearls

And now it’s time for the favourite part, accessories! Match the dress up with a long, shiny pearl necklace. You can wear it long or wear it in two layers. For earrings, pick a pair of pearl studs of any size. The cute and classy pearls go perfectly with almost any floral print you own, and that’s exactly why we love them so much! Let those gorgeous hair down or make a side swept messy and loose braid and add a little blue bow to it. Bows are super cute & are completely in!

Long pearl necklace, big pearl studs & a cute blue bow for the hair!

Get some cool glitters for the nails. I’ve picked the ‘Galactic’ shade from the range of Revlon nnail-art collection, which completely goes with the colour of the dress. A little neutral colour gloss from Lip-ice will be absolutely delicate (since floral and delicate are so close!) & dazzling for the lips!

Now, how can you leave that necessary girlfriend of yours back? Your precious purse! Carry a cute purse of colours like pink or purple or blue, something like the one in the picture. I’ve selected a printed purse from Lancome Paris Spring collection, in purple, which adds perfect charm to the floral look created. 

Purse(Lancome Paris), glitter nail paint(Revlon) & two lip glosses(Lip-ice)

And lastly, for the happy feet, step into something light & comfortable, a pair that will compliment the light & cheerful Spring days. Hence these light blue flat shoes, with cute owls printed on them! You can choose your flats with different colours & prints also, as per your choice.

The cute printed pair of flats

Don’t forget to apply that favorite cologne of yours! And now you’re absolutely ready for the Spring! Go out, greet the season welcome and show off your fresh look to the world and be sure to watch all the heads turn in your direction. Also, don’t forget to keep up the grace and charm! 🙂






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