The Spring look-book : Look 2, Light it up!

Keeping the Indian seasons in mind, Spring & Summer are like great friends & you can very subtly, yet perfectly cluster the fashions of the two seasons together! So if Summer is all about light colors, light colors are perfect for the Spring too, so this next look, I dedicate partially to the light pastel colors. Of course, since Spring can never part with the floral, don’t forget to throw in some flowers for some good measures. 🙂

The Spring look-book look 1, Light it up

So light up the day with some soothing colors. Bring out your mint & skin colored bottoms and match them up with those pastel printed uppers. This full sleeved floral printed shirt from Atmosphere is super soft and comfy & perfect for a bright and sunny day. You can use a short sleeved printed top too, for your uppers. For bottoms, I’ve selected a mint skinny jeans with zipper ankles. The color mint is my absolute favorite and it adds a cool essence to even the hot summer days (Dazzle these mint jeans with absolutely anything!)

Nude boots

This pair of nude ankle length boots from AILY, to perfectly match this pastel look. Without perfect shoes an outfit is never complete & ankle length boots for the spring will also satisfy the urge to wear boots, cause the summer’s coming!

The chain, earrings & bows for the hair

And now, ACCESSORIES! This is my favorite part! Any look is completely incomplete with
the proper accessories. & for this look, I’ve selected a “Peace” engraved chain in silver. You can choose absolutely any neck piece you feel goes with your look. For earrings, I’ve kept up with the floral tradition & placed a number of options of floral studs. The love for danglers isn’t the correct kind of love for this look! For the hair, make a side swept messy braid, a high ponytail or leave them open, this look can help you sport absolutely any hairstyle. But just to add on a little to the floral spirit, I’ve also selected a pair of floral printed small, nude bows, for my love for bows is never ending! Use any kind of hair pins, clips, bows or even bands, according to your mood!

The floral bag, in a darker shade

Bags, they’re a crucial component of the accessories and we should choose them wisely! For this look in light pastel colors, I’ve picked a floral printed bag in a dark purple shade(not moving away from the floral), which is a contrast to the look. Contrasting is a very clever yet efficient way of showing off your sense in fashion, so show it off!

Suggestion of lip colors & nail paint

This is just a suggestion of what nail paints & lip colors you can use. With a look full of light colors, I would prefer nails painted with vibrant colors, such as dark purple, sea green, blue or pink or lilac. You can go for nude nails too. For the lips, both the lip tints in the picture are of Baby lips, from Maybelline, one in ‘pink shock’ from the electro pop range & the other one in baby pink.

Yet another look to make you look like the cool flower princess to greet the beautiful spring day! Go out & have fun! 😀

Like how you look? Here’s the Spring Look Book – Look 1


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