The Ultimate Workout Playlist

You’ve seen gazillion playlists, you’ve tried a hundred and there’s always something missing. It’s either too calm or too heavy or just something you can’t put your finger on. That one wrong song puts you off, and just one song gets you in the mood. But, a playlist is successful only if it keeps you in the workout mood until it ends.

To start off logically, a workout playlist is one that’s pumpy and energetic. The music should reverberate the energy into you and make you want to jog to it at 14 km/h. You gotta have something that just keeps BOOMING.


So here we go,

1. You have to warm up with a little walking, maybe a 5 minutes at 6km/h

Song – I don’t like It, I love it… 

Artist –Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke & Verdine White

Start grooving to this sick beat and shake your head as you shut the world out.

2. You can jog to this beat and nod your head in sync!

Song – Never leave 

Artist – DVBBS

They’re quite underrated here, in India, but be sure to check them out because they’re absolutely brilliant.

3. Take me to a Higher place…

Song – Higher place 

Artist – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike feat. Ne-Yo

You’ll grow to this song immediately, it’s such a good collaboration! And well, it’s Ne-Yo guys, his voice is edible!

4. An odd name, but it’s a masterpiece

Song – I love it when you cry 

Artist – Steve Aoki ft Moxoki

Odd name, isn’t it? Odd lyrics too. “It’s sexy when you’re choking up”, BUT from the first second of the song right to the end it’s amazing. It’s SO SO SO CATCHY, you’ll be screaming the lyrics out in no time.

5. Here’s some Gomez Game

Song – Hands to myself 

Artist – Selena Gomez

This new hit by Selena has everyone going crazy. It has a mysterious video too. Check out her performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

You may not like it the first time you hear it, but it’s going to be that song which just stays in your head causing you to hear it on repeat. AND THEN, you’ll be in love… Xoxo

6. Oh yeah, sprint away!

Song – Ah yeah so what

Artist – Will Sparks feat. Wiley & Elen Levon

The whole song’s crazy, it has you on your feet from the beginning to the end. There’s so much energy in this song. This one’s going to make you want to sprint.

7. Fly off with UFO

Song – No control

Artist – UFO

This too! It’s intoxicating in a way. The drop is to die for and forms a great pace to jog to.

8. Start your day with some inspirational tunes

Song – I can be somebody

Artist – Deorro

This one’s rhythm strikes you from the first second, it’s absolutely phenomenal.

9. And then, some more

Song – Best be believing- Shadow remix

Artist – Alunageorge

This remix is unbelievable.

10. Time to relax

Song – Cool Alesso

Artist – Alesso

Who doesn’t like Alesso? Of course, the drop’s good but the tune is ever better!

Check out – City of Dreams by Alesso too!


So, take out your sports shoes and RUN. JOG. GYM!

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