Things You Always Need To Carry In Your Handbag

It’s well known that we carry waaaaay too many things with us. I mean you never know when you’re gonna need rubber bands or your favourite flavour of gum, right? In today’s article I’m gonna explain in fine detail the five things you always always need to have in your handbag.

1) Planner & Pen.

Burgundy Planner From Ebay    Patterned Planner From Ebay

You really shouldn’t go anywhere without your planner, you simply never know what pops out and needs to be written down.


Both planners were found on ebay

2) Phone & Earphones.


Sony Earphones From Ebay

Dr Dre Earphones From Ebay
Because duh, it’s 2015, do you even leave your house without your mobile? I think not. Bring your earphones or buds with you so you can listen to music or silently ignore people on a long ride!


Earphones and buds were found on affordable prices on

3) Travel Makeup Bag.

Asos Makeup Bag Makeup Bag From Asos
Believe me, you’ll need to touch up your makeup more than you think! Do we want your mascara or liner running down your cheeks and you looking like a crying raccoon? No we don’t. So make sure you carry your makeup bag in your handbag in every situation!

Ideal travel bag contains: mascara, eyebrow filler, eyeliner and the lipstick you’re wearing for the day. (If you’re also wearing powder or foundation, bring it along!)


Those lovely makeup bags but also a large variety of others is available on

4) Wallet & Keys.

Women Wallet From Ebay Wallet From Ebay
Girl, you simply can’t go anywhere without them.

Once again, those wallets are from ebay


5) Last but not least, Snacks of your choice!


Ritz Crackers Mars Chocolate
It may seem silly but we don’t want your blood sugar levels dropping and you fainting on public transportation, do we?

Crackers or chocolate are the ideal everyday snacks and they can be easily packed into your handbag.

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