This Company Sells Lacy Lingerie For Men & We Just Can’t!!!

Move over tighty-whities and a shade card that seems to have been lifted straight from a Bhansali movie. Here’s presenting HommeMystere, an Australian brand selling lingerie for men only! And we are talking more than the plain underwear and a vest. They have panties, G-strings, bras, bodysuits, teddys, nighties, swimwear and what not. The idea of having lingerie for men does leave you squirmish but hey, who are we to judge?

Why Should Girls Have All The Fun?

On the plus side, we are loving the fact that our male folks can now feel the silky satiny touch of lingerie on their own bodies! We might just be a bit jealous too over there as our lingerie powers are being taken away from us and how! Lace, satin, lycra, prints, you name it, they have it. The brand claims that the lingerie for men is perfectly designed, keeping in mind the err…package it’s meant to contain.

International Delivery! So, Yes, You Can Buy.

HommeMystere delivers internationally, so our desi followers, do not get disheartened. You might have to pay the international shipping charges but then, is this exclusive product not worth it?! Plus if you are feeling a bit of a spendthrift, then spend a $100 and your shipping charges would we waived off!

Experiment Mode On

We are sure this brand will not only help fire up the boring sex lives of many couples out there looking for some risque element, but also could be great for persons exploring their gender and sexuality. Because hey, what does clothing have to do with gender after all?

Overall, we are thrilled to know that such an invention (yes, it is that!) exists. For various reasons. Go check out the scintillating pieces of lingerie for men here and do let us know if you happen to buy any!


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