Time for Grooms to be in the SPOTLIGHT in 7 killer ways!



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Today’s discussion is Grooms and all about their “I am the cool dude” style. Have you wondered that your would be wife is having her dream come true marriage and it is definitely special and memorable for her. I guess guys never understand his feeling and that is the sole reason all the focus is on Her! Importance is given to her dresses, makeup, accessories because it’s her special day, attention goes from a simple lipstick to her whole wedding attire. You have to understand that she puts in a lot of effort to look special and absolute gorgeous just for you on that day but imagine how she feels when she sees you. Alas! I sympathize with the poor girl because for you guys it’s just another occasion, it really doesn’t matter to you if it’s your cousin’s wedding or yours, you end up looking the same. Grow up guys and be matured enough to groom yourself and be the man she expects to see on that special day, dress up, impress her and make her feel lucky in front of all her friends and relatives that she has chosen you to spend her life with. It’s not that difficult to understand a woman, trust me!!


Why should girls have all the Couture??

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This time, it’s the other way round, time for guys to step into Sherwani-Palazzos for wedding. Yes guys, now even you can try out Sherwani with Palazzo featured by Tarun Tahiliani in BMW Indian Bridal Fashion week. When teamed up with Sherwanis in gaudy colours in velvet or silk with intricate patterns or motifs, gives the perfect Indo-western appeal. A good attempt can even be a simple cotton or linen kurta with a velvet overcoat in contrast colours bringing out more of you. You can experiment with the colours and the designs, can go for both middle cut or side cut kurtas with or without embellishments or embroidery, take your pick. Dark shades are still yet to be in fashion but if you feel confident then do try that and get it matched with your would be partner’s colour code.


Bengali Babumoshai

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This is my personal favourite, specially seen worn by Bengali grooms but its high time we added a little masala to the old boring monotonous styles. The spiced up look is equally traditional but at the same time adds a whole lot of smartness into it. You can get it readymade or tailored. But it is important that you carry the look with attitude because its dhoti!! You can even go for readymade dhotis if not comfortable draping it around. Nowadays, it called dhoti sherwanis, sounds pretty awesome and if not available physical stores, you can get it easily online. Instead of going for the usual plain silk, try brocade kurtas or embroidered silk sherwanis be it long or short and can even sport an overcoat or a dupatta along with it. Bandhgalas are pretty in so you can even try that for your dhoti look or simply try draping your dhoti in different ways, there is more than 1 way to do it!! It is important you keep your complexion in mind while getting your attire and black is not a taboo so black can be teamed with any colour of your/her choice. Go for mojris along with the attire to seal your style and get your hair done too.


From casual to The Wedding Trouser

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This look is for guys who doesn’t prefer the heavy ethnic attire and loves minimalist, smart and sexy, comfortable clothes which will highlight his personality. This is Superb!! Mind-blowing actually, it’s the one attire which will make any girl go crazy if properly carried off with a little attitude!! Okay, so for this particular look all you need is a solid, crisp, slim fit or straight fit trouser, that’s it… let me warn you, this look is not for everybody, wedding is a huge ceremony and you need to be confident, this sleek look will look better in guys who has a substantial healthy figure and has a moderate taste in fashion. I suggest when you are going for this look, it would really stand out if you match it with Hers. A simple bandhgala or a jacket over the trouser Is ideal with little or no work done on it. Accessorize your look with a handsome watch, oxford shoes, brown or black, get it matched accordingly and maybe a sunglass. This look presented by Manish Malhotra in his runway collection is a serious inspiration to all the would be grooms out there on how to make an entrance in style, this look has become my new favourite!! This total attire set is available online and the price is also very reasonable, around Rs.68000 approx.


All the way from Jodhpur

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Simple look for this style, you can go all geeky for this look and sport glasses, for shoes moccasins or oxfords. You can again try either long or short kurta styles from both simple to heavy embroidered ones. The trick to this style is that it’s better to wear a short kurta or Sherwani because then the show to the jodhpuri pants come into effect. You also have to keep in mind that while you wear a simple plain kurta below, you got to wear a jacket or bandhgala over that and maybe carry a pocket square and you should leave the overcoat or jacket if you are all for embroidered ones or brocade work ones. This look provides a light appeal rather than heavy and boring grooms wear, this is easy to get your hands on and is preferred by the youth of today.


The King has arrived for his Queen

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This is for all the lucky ladies who are going to be the queen of their homes, it’s a perfect royal themed wedding and obviously the groom has to appeal like the King! The groom can go for digital printed sherwanis to angrakha styles sherwanis. Laser cuts are pretty popular these days, they can also be tried with heavy embroidery and embellishments or try the brocade Sherwani with jewels. This look is such that accessories play a vital role and is incomplete without them, like Kalgi on the Safa, neckpieces in stones, pearls and gems, Broaches, Chokers and Pugpins will give a spectacular look to the whole attire on the groom’s Wedding day. This is the most preferred traditional look for Punjabi wedding but now is followed in other cultures too, it has become an inspiration and has evolved with time to new designs and slim fit cuts to anarkali styled flares and also embroidery by zari giving a lavish taste of golden feel, prices of these kind of sets ranges from Rs.48000 approx. to beyond. But this is the opportunity of a lifetime so make it special.


Firangi Janab

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If you love the western style and would like to get married that way or not, you can style yourself in a tux. There is no better option than a tuxedo. Now a day a variety of styled jackets are available, from double lapel to pleats in the collar to contrast fabrics and particular designs in notches. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can outfit yourself in a classic tuxedo, a khaki suit, suspenders and boat shoes. Dress like a gentleman, a bow tie, watch, crisp white shirt inside and those perfect black shoes. Bring about the designer touch modifying the way you wear your tie or the waistcoat by changing the cut, adding buttons; you can do the same with your jacket by using brocade or velvet, get a straight fit and yes accessorize!!


Patiala se Jalandhar

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This is a very energetic look with the Patiala set, contrast colours create a marvellous effect and is definitely attractively outstanding. You can get stone work or tilla work done on your kameez as you prefer or go light. Again you do have the option of long and short styles of the kameez, various styles are available from middle cut to overlap to drape around, choose carefully what suits you best but go for silk, the lustre and the look will mesmerize completely. Mojris are definitely the call of the occasion with pagris and other accessory which ever you feel comfortable with. This look will also look charming if you want to go no-shave and will still look sexy!!

Always walk hand in hand with fashion, can win a million hearts…

So, guys take your pick and dress yourself in the shoes of the that perfect groom which She wants to see, this little extra effort is never gone unnoticed. All you have to do is take the time and enjoy getting ready and the benefits are two-fold, you look good, Wah-wahi is sure to be in the way, you receive appreciation and She gets impressed and her heart goes “dhak-dhak” when she sees you. You have to remember; this is your moment too so you too need to dress for the spotlight. I wish my future husband reads this post, it would be dream come true. Enjoy your Wedding with a little extra smile and a little extra Awesomeness.

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