Tips For Buying The Best Eyewear

Eyeglasses is somewhat of a necessity for some people. And owing to our sedentary lifestyle glued to one screen or another, I think every third person wears them by now. But that does not mean you have to consider that a bane. Because with careful consideration and the right shape, a pair of eyeglasses can actually be your absolute best accessory. So why shy away from this fabulous opportunity of enhancing your beautiful face?

choose eye glass frames

ROUND face shape –

round face shape guide

You need something to elongate your face and make it appear thinner and longer. You should go for angular lines like squares or subtle cat eye frames could also do the trick.

OVAL face shape –

oval face shape guide

You guys are by far the luckiest lambs because you can pull off almost any style. So look for something larger than your face to break the length of your oblong shape. Rectangular and walnut frames suit you quite well.


HEART face shape –

heart face shape guide

Also called the inverted triangle because of a wider forehead and tapering chin. It’s best to go for shapes that are wider at the bottom because you need to minimize the width of the top-third of your face. Rimless frames and light colors are your safe bet.

SQUARE face shape –

square face shape guide

The ones with a strong jaw as well as a wide forehead. The trick here is to break the angles of your face, so try rounded shapes which are wider than your face. Narrow ovals or retro looking round lenses are the way to go!

Now for colors you ask?

Pantone Chart For  Eyewear Color Trends S/S 2015
Pantone Chart For Eyewear Color Trends S/S 2015

For color, a rule of thumb, when you’re unsure about what color you should go for, it is best to stick to your skin tone’s base coloring. If your skin tone has warmer (yellow) undertones like peaches or cream, go for colors in that range and if you fall in the cooler (blue) undertones category like pinks or even olive, you’re safe using that color spectrum.

trendy fashion eyewear

Since, our faces come in a much more diverse category of shapes and sizes and it isn’t possible to strictly fall into one category, you should for whatever is closest to your shape. And a general advice for buying eyewear, be it sunglasses or reading glasses, look for contrast! This means if you have a rounder face, go for more angular frames and vice versa.


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