Tips to find Your Personal Style

Not all of us (in fact most of us) are born with a unique signature style. We still have to struggle and experiment in order to nail a perfect look. It can be fun to experiment with different styles but finding the one that truly speaks to you can be quite a task. That is when these tips on how to find your personal style come in handy.

Seek Inspiration


The chances of finding a single style icon are pretty low because most people like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. To make things easier and fun, make a list of your style icons (Pinterest search) and save the images you like best. This is a great way to draw inspiration from various style icons. Now put a label on it. Look beyond the photos and focus on the outfits. Is there a common vibe? Settle on a few words that describe these looks as they will help define your style.

Clean Up


This is the tough part- cleaning up your wardrobe! Take a good and long look at it and then toss out whatever you haven’t worn in ages so that you can make space for new clothes. Clean up and rebuild your wardrobe and keep refining it from time to time. Don’t throw away old clothes, you can always donate them.

Shop Smarter


Next time you go shopping, revisit your Pinterest board first. You will need this inspiration to recreate the look. If you wish to experiment with latest fashion trends, you got to shop smart. Hunt for trendy deals at discount places and splurge only at staple items. Check for zippers and hems because they will tell you if the item will last long or is it just another cheap piece.

Snap It


There are days when you feel like your most stylish self, right? Next time, snap a picture of your outfit for future reference because they reflect your personal style.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Goals


The perfect wardrobe should also reflect your personality. Your personal style should reflect you but it should also be acceptable in the field you work in , your lifestyle, the city you live in and your overall goals. Add a few interview specific pieces if you are looking for a new job. Or if you intend to get into the fashion world, add more trending pieces but don’t splurge on them because very soon they will be passé.

Focus on your Strengths


What do people compliment you on? Your hourglass figure? Eyes or that toned back? Wearing clothes that highlight your best assets are your best bet. Playing up your strengths will always keep you looking stylish.

Be You


Being yourself is very important when it comes to developing your own personal style. Trust your instincts and wear what makes you comfortable and feel stylish. Trust you gut, stay true to your taste and be authentic. If it makes you feel beautiful and confident, it will never go out of style.


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