Tips to Travel in Style


With all the comforts and luxuries being provided on flights these days, you would think that flying long hours is easy breezy and that, for most part, is true. But, another important aspect of travelling is how to have to comfiest outfit and look super chic simultaneously. It is actually a fairly easy task if you ask me but here are some pointers to keep in mind before planning your ensemble:

A Spacious Carry-On Bag

cameron diaz airport style

You should bring the roomiest bag you own, preferably a leather bag in a fun print or color to add a splash of fun to your outfit. Big is better here because apart from your normal things, you should also keep an extra pair of lingerie (if god forbid your luggage gets stuck), a scarf and a comfortable pair of yoga pants for when it gets super chilly.

Wear Layers to Keep Warm

celebrity airport style layers rachel bilson airport style

You are bound to come across changing weather throughout your journey so you don’t want to be stuck wearing super warm clothes or shiver for hours in your tank top, the solution is to layer your outfit. This way you can choose to take off one layer and shove it in your extra spacious bag if need be or vice versa!

Easy to Wear Footwear

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Please, for the love of god, don’t be that person who wears their most strappy gladiator boots and takes a bazillion years to get them off during security. And as chic as they may look, wearing heels is also going to end you in quite a lot of pain. So wear slip-ons or cute ballet flats or Toms or zip-up boots (read: zip ups only, stay clear of all that tying business.)

Dark Colours

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The easiest way of looking like a model off duty or a fashionista off to her sassy beach vacation is to wear black. Not only is black super stylish, it also makes sense to wear a dark colour because you are going to bump into people or at least will be eating and drinking so you don’t want to be stuck in a stained orange shirt for hours at a stretch.

Super Sunnies To The Rescue

gisele bundchen airport style celebrity airport style layers sunnies

And if all else fails, the surest way to amp up any look is by wearing your favourite pair of sunglasses and do your most confident walk because hey, the world is your runway. Bonus points for not having to do any eye make up and no need to show anyone how tired you look!

Why Don’t You Hat It?

celebrity airport style dakota-johnson-style-at-jfk-airport

Another fun little way of spicing things up is by wearing a nice and breezy hat to go with your easygoing boho chic outfit. Not only does this protect you from the harsh sunlight but it also saves you the trouble of worrying about how much trouble your hair is in, thanks to the flight temperatures. You can worry about it later, though.

celebrities travelling in style

Basically, wear something you feel comfortable in. But, go for breathable fabrics which have just a bit of poly blend so that your clothes don’t get entirely wrinkled up over the course of the journey. Some easy silhouettes can be: worn-out boyfriend jeans, overalls, breezy midi skirts you can easily sit in, fashionable hoodies, ponchos which are basically blankets to be honest or casual boho-esque gowns.


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