Too Cool For School – Back To School Essentials For Your Fall Semester

It’s time to put away those vacation sunglasses and don your serious-student glasses. While we’re all sad about the summer vacations ending, it’s time to get back to routines, and classes, and start working on new fall wardrobes! Before you get distracted by the racks and racks of gorgeous sweaters and piles of amazing boots, it’s time to focus on back-to-school essentials necessary to bring out the prepster in all of us.

These are a few things you need to go back to the fall in style..


1. Cute Backpacks

floral backpack

Is it even ok to go back to school without a great backpack? Well, not when you take a look at this gorgeous floral number! These backpacks are all the rage recently, and you definitely need it to make carrying all those books around a bit more cheerful. Search forever 21 or other online market place for a wide variety of such backpacks


2. Striped tees

striped tee

Striped tees are like the staple of preppy looks, and have endless styling potential. Pair them with ripped jeans as shown in the picture, or with a floral midi skirt for an upgraded casual look. They come in endless fits and colours, and it’s definitely the time of the year to stack up on them! Zara and Mango make lots of varieties of these, although they’re available at local roadside shops for a fraction of those prices too!


3. Blazers


Fall is the time for pumpkin spice lattes, leather boots and blazers! Besides giving your school outfit an instant upgrade, these will definitely make you look the part of a serious student. Pick your favorite colour and fit, as there’s a wide, wide variety to choose from! Vero Moda, AND and M&S hold an amazing collection of colourful blazers. But as a rule, they tend to be pretty expensive, so you’re going to have to consider that when you plan to buy them!


4. Sneakers


Who wants to trudge all around campus in those pretty but uncomfortable high heels? Every student needs a pair of sneakers to relax in. Shopping for these online isn’t really recommended though, because shoe sizes online tend to be extremely confusing. Go for vans or superdry if you aren’t on a budget, and if you are, converse is the brand for you!


4. Pencil pouches

pencil pouch

One major accessory in the classroom is your pencil pouch, and it’s not ok to show up with an old barbie one you bought five years ago. Let your creative juices flow, and get DIY-ing, because it’s the perfect opportunity to add some personal flair to your desk! There are hundreds of DIY tutorials available, if you want to make one of these. Or buy one in a plain colour, and stencil a cool print-like these glasses- on there!


5. Sweater-shirt combos

sweater shirt combo

Want to remain toasty warm yet on point with your wardrobe? Go sweater-shirt combos, and you’ll never regret it! Just imagining the endless pairing possibilities makes us root for this one so strongly, but the best part is, if it’s not quite cold enough to wear your sweater all day long, just stuff it in your bag and walk around in that elegant oxford shirt all day! Wills Lifestyle and Woodland make great shirts for women,and as for favorite sweater brands, try Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, and UCB.


6.Personalized notebooks

cute notebooks

Tired of lugging your tons of identical, boring notebooks around? Here we are with another great creative opportunity to take your DIY skills to the next level. Dress your plain notebook covers in anything from wrapping paper to old denim. Every part of a notebook is customizable, and for all of us tv and movie nerds, there are many websites like and to get our favorite characters on the cover!




A brilliant, classy alternative to the backpack, this stylish bag will effortlessly make the switch from college-appropriate to party-appropriate! Besides the classic brown, black and navy, there are a wide variety of options for colours as well as the style of the bag! If you’ve ever wondered whether you could pull off a bright pink bag, this semester is the time to test that theory! Go for Accessorize or Aldo satchels, great quality and great design.


8. Graphic tees

graphic tees

College is the perfect time to loosen up a little, style-wise too. And these graphic tees are the perfect way to do that! We can’t wait to get tons of these with all those sassy quotes on them. Plus, you can also get your favorite quote printed on! These t-shirts do tend to be cheaper, so thats another piece of good news. Check Forever 21 for a great graphic tee collection.


9.Nerd Glasses

preppy glasses

How could any back to school collection be complete without a pair of fab glasses? Whether you’re wearing them purely for fashion, or you actually need them is irrelevant. You’ll be taken more seriously in class, and complete any prepster look to perfection. Do we need any more incentive? Didn’t think so!

How many of these do you plan on including in your wardrobe? Do tell us in the comments section!





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