Top 10 Dazzling Destinations to Visit this New Year!

New Year is the onset of fresh adventure and lively moments. It’s in one’s hand to craft out the year with intricate love, noticing the nuanced beauty of life. To welcome this whole new year of mystery, it’s always good to start with the first best moment of the year. Obviously, this first moment can be made the best in a different way for each one. Let’s look at some super amazing places which you may consider visiting this New Year.

1. The New York Night Club


New York is the best known New Year celebration destination, as it is the perfect zealous place to celebrate the coming of a fresh year with utmost magnificent moments. When the clock strikes 12 on the first of January, at the Times Square, a vibe of zest passes every soul gathered in that city. And the night clubs there have a special view of the events being held such as music bands, various kinds of artist performing and the descending of 12 feet wide crystal ball, with the tick of every minute and a spectacular burst of happiness that engulfs the mass at the eve of new year.

2. Under the Sydney Night Sky’s Fire Work

Spectator boats in Sydney Harbour look on as New Year's Eve fireworks erupt over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on January 1, 2013. Sydney kicked off a wave of dazzling firework displays welcoming in 2013, from Dubai to Moscow and London, with long-isolated Yangon joining the global pyrotechnics for the first time. AFP PHOTO/MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

Sydney is famous for giving the brightest fire work on every New Year over its Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Millions of people gather at this place to get a glimpse of this miraculous moment. Illuminated boats are made to float in the harbor making it a lovely sight for the eyes.

3. Hailing in a Kerala House Boat


Not everyone likes zeal spreading into their veins. Few love peace and serenity. For those peace and nature loving people the floating boat house in Alappuzha, Kerala is a dream come true destination. In the silent waters and in the stealth of the night, one can experience the New Year’s breezy arrival in the thrill of the floating wonder with their close ones near. This floating adventure can stay in their heart forever.

4. Snow Cupped New Year at Manali


Adventure in winter is exciting. Spending a snow spaced new year would definitely be super exciting for adventure freaks. Manali  is the best destination for people who love winter chill and want to burn up their spirit of adventure on this new year. Special sports like skiing, skating are organized on new year to quench their zealous thirst.


5. The Quintessential Goa Beach Party


Best parties are staged at the colorful alluring beaches of Goa. The Club bar9 at Vagator, Goa presents an amazing party and if you are a trance lover, this is your plate of pie. If you like a fun loving environment and funky art gallery, you will have a sterling New Year, which is promised in Goa.

6. A Bright Day in Bahamas


The New Year day can be as exciting as the night in Bahamas. Here the locals follow a Junkanoo street parade, followed by street gatherings and fireworks in various parts of the island. Music lingering in the air, with people adorning colorful costumes and cheerful wishes in their heart gives a fabulous start of the year.

7. A Wonder Day at Walt Disney


This destination would be a dream comes true for the little ones, as the new year events are packed with circus performances, dance parties, fireworks, culinary masterpieces and the best known jingle jungle parade. These events are complemented with impressive lights and laser beam springs just before midnight.

8. A Perfect Pinnacle Party at Paris


The Eiffel tower shines its glory on new year eve, as the city of lights prepare itself with ardor for the perfect night. It’s a classic celebration, with the twinkling sound of glasses, with glistening champagne, tempting chocolates wrapped up in sparkling paper, and the warm cheek kisses which spreads in the night hours of the new year.

9. Lustrous Lights of London


London is an elegant destination for the new year, as you got to see the spectacular ten minute firework and light show, in the presence of the Queen. Thousands of people crowd at the banks of river Thames to watch the grand urban scenery. The after party includes procession of queen’s horses, marching bands, colorful floats, dance and celestial music.

10. Dragon Driven Hong Kong Night

Chinese New Year- Dragon

The new year eve kicks off with a fantastic replica ball drop as that of the New York at Hong Kong’s Times Square shopping mall, from where the zeal continues to enchant the day with the evening activities in Victoria Harbor and end in a dazzling glow with a pyrotechnic dragon dancing across the night sky, which can be best viewed from Avenue of Stars in Tsim Tsa Shui.


People choose destinations to make a mark in their heart so that this year turns out to be as sizzling as they wish. Go ahead. Choose your heart warming New Year destination for celebration with family, friends and people.

Here’s wishing everyone a spectacular and adventurous year ahead.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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