Top 10 Dresses To Wear This Christmas

 It can be easy to get stuck in a rut during winter when the weather is miserable—black pants, same old sweater, and that go-to peacoat. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s actually incredibly easy to stand out this season with minimal effort. While we undoubtedly love dressing up, there’s sometimes nothing better than snuggling up in the coziest clothing. There are simple ways to look stylish without sacrificing comfort. To prove it, we’re highlighting ten simple outfits that will amp up your winter style game.

1. Blanket Sweater

Blanket Sweater
This is the most stylish, chic and yet soothing and warm to wear. You can sport it with jeggings, leggings or denims.

2. The Sweater Dress Look

There’s nothing cozier (or cooler!) than snuggling up in a sweater dress with boots or flats this winter.
 The Sweater Dress         The Sweater Dress              The Sweater Dress
Gigi Hadid is definitely looking a bombshell in this sweater dress with ankle length boots.

3. Classic Blazers

Classic Blazers Classic BlazersClassic Blazers
Classic Blazers Classic Blazers
Blazers are never out of league though there might be some variations in them every season. You can have them with shorts, denim and you can even wear the full suit look. It will always make you feel gorgeous whether it is formal or an informal look.

4. Overcoat drapes

The overcoat is so sleek and stylish and could work out with any outfit of your desire in which you find yourself comfortable and gorgeous. Kendall Jenner supposedly likes it with leggings and Kim Kardashian fabulously wears them with dresses and keeps it minimalist with the same color.
 Overcoat drapesOvercoat drapes        Overcoat drapes
London_SS2016_day2_sandrasemburg-20150919-2281      Paris Fashionweek day 8, fw 2014     10_3
You can have it Kendall Jenner way or Kim Kardashian, it is upto you who among the sisters is your personal favorite.

5. Scoot up with a mini skirt

Scoot up with a mini skirt     Scoot up with a mini skirt Scoot up with a mini skirt
The skirts are the most eye catching and charming piece of clothing. This look is my personal favorite and you can wear it with stockings or pantyhose.

6.Retro look

   Retro look Retro look Retro look
Want to flaunt some of your oldies in this Christmas, you can always wear those long skirts and quirk them up with some cool T-Shirts and jacket or with a shrug. This look is an evergreen one and never fades away.

7. Binge the fringe

Binge the fringe Binge the fringeBinge the fringe
The fringes are definitely to die for this season. Any woman would wish to have them in her cupboards. They are a must to be in your public appearances, as many will envy you for them.

8. Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets Leather Jackets Leather Jackets
These are unavoidable; when winter approaches, these come out at first. A leather jacket is a must have in the wardrobe; it elevates the beauty of it.

9. Booties look

Booties look Booties look
The easiest way to stand out in a basic ensemble? Add above the knee boots with a stylish outfit and you are ready to rock any party .

10. A Penchant for Plaid

  A Penchant for Plaid A Penchant for Plaid A Penchant for Plaid
Plaid enhances the gloomy afternoons with some bright colors and fascinating designs and texture. They glam up the boring aura and the vicinity around it.
This is definitely your guide to an appealing wardrobe this winter. So, you can be the fashion icon in this season without worrying about the biting icy-cold winter in the most pleasing way. Go ahead. Spread the Christmas joy and don’t forget to add the customary red to your outfit!
Merry Christmas!

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