Top 10 Gifts For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Your best friend is that one of a kind person who creeps into your life, like fog in the morning. But unlike in that simile, they never fade away! It’s the one person you held hands with in kindergarten, gave your food to in school and shared your crushes with throughout college (or any one of these) and it’s still not the end of the journey because you will find yourself standing by them at the altar and being a part of the new journey they are about to embark upon! And since your best friend is the priceless gift you received, it only makes sense that you give them an unforgettable wedding gift! So here are some ideas for gifts you can give your best friend on his or her special day!

For the guy BFF who always tried to get you to watch sports and drove you around:

1. Sports Jersey:


So this isn’t a normal jersey I’m talking about. To make this an amazing wedding gift you have got to go the distance and get the jersey signed by either your bff’s favourite player or club members. And this could be a football, cricket, tennis, basketball jersey, depending on the groom’s preference. And try not to frame it, because everyone wants to feel the material worn by champions running through their fingers.

2. Match Tickets:

This one is also very sports related because c’mon, for all we know, your guy friend could be giving up ODI’s for Bigg Boss! So give him tickets to a match that he will never forget! Don’t be stingy on hooking him up with VIP tickets either.

3. Alcohol:


Alcohol brings people together and keeps them that way! But for your friend’s wedding, go up a notch from cheap shots and beer to classy bourbon and whiskey. Get your hands on some expensive liquor like classic Johnnie Walker Blue Label or the special Jim Beam bourbon. This gift will also help your bud calm his nerves before his big day!


For that girl best friend, where the two of you were like Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl:

Blair-and-Serena-girls-of-gossip-girl-23435216-500-3734. Gift hampers:


Hampers are boxes of luxury and they definitely make life beautiful! Gift the gorgeous bride with a hamper set which could be a bath, food, travel hamper etc. Get your friend the special treatment with hampers from Marks & Spencers, Harrods or the dream Vera Wang set. Pamper the bride with hampers!

5. Diamond set:


Every girl has another a best friend who’s not human and I’m not talking about dogs, I’m talking about diamonds! Diamonds illuminate smiles and the diamonds are definitely worth your BFFL’s joy. See her eyes sparkle with a diamond set with a necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet!

6. Lingerie:


Girls know what your BFF secretly craves and that is to feel beautiful about themselves in lingerie! So give a chance for your friend to feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel by treating her to something from the eagerly awaited new VS line.

7. Memoir Box:

Over the several years shared together, there’s got to be a plethora of memories that define your relationship! Don’t ever let those special moments disappear, so give your friend a box with pictures, concert and movie tickets and little treasures. This is an extremely personal and loving gift with ingredients straight from the heart.


Gifts if both your best friends end up getting married, basically for the couple:

8. Spa Day treat:


Give the couple a spa day to treat themselves and calm down after the post wedding stress. They can relax and also enjoy some romantic quality time at a spa with facials, massages, mud baths etc.

9. Concert Tickets:

Let the newly-weds time to de-stress by gifting them concert tickets to see their favourite musicians or band! Music and dancing, what more will the couple enjoy?

10. Holiday Package:


Get the two lovebirds tickets to their favourite destination! This can be a post honeymoon vacation which is both romantic and fun. Places like Las Vegas, Ibiza, Seychelles, Switzerland, Miami, Goa, Manali etc. Organize the entire trip giving them time to take in the beauty of the place without any stress.

These ideas give the bride or groom something to look forward to as they know that unlike the cheques and money received from family, the best friend will always have something great planned and under their sleeves! After all, you didn’t tolerate them for all these years for nothing 😉


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