Top 10 Minimal Tattoos to Try Out

Tattoos have been a super rage since a long time. We have the quotes tattoo , symbol tattoo , initials tattoo and many people even go in for a profile tattoo. The profile could be of their loved ones or their favorite personalities. Tattoos have become a extension of one’s identity over the years. And so , if you decide one day to get a tattoo done , you are sure to have a giant task of coming up with something that looks stylish but at the same time, holds some meaning to you.

Of late, Minimal Tattoos have been gaining quite an attention. The main attraction is the miniature size , as the name suggests , of the tattoo. Quite a few celebrities have been sporting this style too.

Kate Moss

Sonakshi Sinha

Cara Delevingne

Kelly Osbourne


So, below you can find some popular types of minimal tattoo styles to try on if you are thinking to take a plunge in that direction but don’t want to do something big and huge.

1. Tiny Dots of Wonder


They are so tiny and little , it is almost unrecognisable at first. Many like to get a string of dots in certain patterns of their interest or just random dots.

2. Feeling Spacey with Moons and Stars


The moon and stars have been a constant design of interest for people indulging in tattoos. Tiny designs of them look so pretty and delicate and bring about a glorious magical effect. Such soul comfort!

3. Staccato Arrows


Arrows have been another popular design for minimal tattoos.  Little arrows in a particular pattern look so symmetrical and beautiful. They are a treat for the eyes with the sharpness and symbolic strength that come along.

4. No Nonsense Geometric Shapes


Geometric shapes are another funky design to try out if you decide to go the minimal tattoo way. They make for great visuals with the neatly defined lines and curves. They absolutely define the phrase, “the lesser, the better”!

5. Mirror to your Soul


We always want to get the tattoos that mean a lot to us. Now imagine them in cute miniature forms! Somehow, the likeability value increases when the designs are so small and cute. Be it a lone swallow, or fierce antlers, or gentle feathers, or mystical seashell; there is no limit to these as it is all about you looking into your soul and culling out that special image.

6. Couple Tattoos


There are many couples or friends who get identical tattoos or half parts of one tattoo done. Getting a minimal one done looks lovely and different. And when they merge together to create a whole, it gives us such warm and fuzzies! Soulmate much!

7. Au Naturale


Tree branch tattoos are the next design idea that are so popular in the minimal category. They give a sense of nature love and organic quality to the bearer of the tattoo.

8. Permanent Bracelets


Bracelet tattoos are so very popular. The best part of these tattoos is that they look elegant and are very classy to carry.

9. Let’s Dream in Colour


Colourful tattoos are also very endearing. And then imagine them in a tiny form. Won’t they look so cute?! Move on from the monotony of the monochrome and embrace the colourful spectrum that lies ahead of you for intense exploration.

10. Words and Ramblings


Now, almost everyone is aware the of the power of a single word or words or even a quote as a tattoo. Having a tiny word tattoo will be mysterious and interesting at the same time.


So girls, the next time you decide to get a tattoo and are confused what to go in for, you can check out these tattoo ideas and get something minimal. After all, Less is More!

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