Top 10 must-haves in your makeup bag

If you apply make up I am sure you carry a makeup bag with you everywhere you go, afterall you never know when you might need some touch-ups. Being beauty conscious has its perks and drawbacks, one being that you might hoard a lot of make-up into your bags most of the times, making your bag bulky and inconvenient for your travel. Don’t worry here I am to help you sort that mess out. Presenting to you the 10 must-haves (or in some cases only-haves) in your make up bag.



Ok now if you have oily skin you probably cannot leave without carrying blotting sheets with you. Although blotting paper does not only pertain to oily skin but can work equally great on normal skin too. It helps your pores from not getting clogged and helps remove cake-y make-up from your skin. Basically on the whole it helps your skin breathe whilst you enjoy your day outside. It can make a hell of a difference when you’re sweating outside.

Bobby pins and hair ties

Bobby pins and hair ties

Yes yes every girl knows the struggle of a hot sunny day and loose hair, it can take your day from being great to the worst. Long hair and summer days- the struggle is REAL! The best thing to do is always pack a bunch of bob pins and hair ties in your vanity to save yourself from having a sweaty hair day. Turn that frizz-mess into a beautiful fishtail or messy braid and surprise yourself.


Ruby Red LipstickPinkish Nude Lipstick

Lipticks can transform a dull and life-less face into a face that looks like you’ve actually spent time doing yourself up. In my opinion two shades that you absolutely must have in your make up bag is a Pinkish-nude glossy shade and a Ruby-red glossy shade. You must be thinking that these are colours of the totally opposite spectrum so why shouldn’t we have more normal shades? Well the answer to that is these two shades can create much normal looking shades by just mixing them, so basically these are two shade with great versatility. Use the back of your hand and mix different proportions of the two colours to create your perfect shade.


Brown eyeliner pencil

If you were to ask me I would mostly suggest carrying a pencil liner as opposed to liquid as everyone hasn’t really mastered the skill of a liquid liner and to be honest it can get real messy if you make a mistake. Brown pencil eye liners are the best in my opinion as they can double as an eyeliner and can help fill your eyebrows. As an eyeliner brown is a softer colour and can create a softer look.


Cream Eyeshadow

One cream based eye shadow is good to go. I would go with more metallic colours in softer shades as they go with basically any and every outfit. Creamy eye shadows usually don’t smudge and have a long lasting finish and make you look fab! They are easy to apply and are usually waterproof.


Mascara waterproof

The mighty old mascara can do wonders to a bare face. If I had a chance I would conquer everyday with only mascara on my face. Anyways always choose a curling and waterproof mascara if you want your make up lasting all day without touch ups.



A light pink or coral blush is very efficient looking with any outfit you throw on. It almost compliments all shades. A cream based blush is preferable as it wont smudge or smear over any of your dresses. A small amount goes a long way.


Makke up remover

I think I don’t even need to emphasize on how much importance these hold. They are travel friendly and can help you with not only make up but everything. They are extremely a must-have in any scenario. They help you get off absolutely anything on your face.


Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitizer is important, you wouldn’t know what all germs you must have gathered in your hand, so its important to kill those germs before they come in contact with your face and suffer from break-outs!



Vaseline is very versatile product and it is important to have with you wherever you go. It can double as a moisturizer to an ointment for your bruises. Just one product and many uses.


I hope you’re ready to spring clean your make up bag after reading this post. Always remember that little things go a long way.

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