Top 10 Night-Out Clutch Essentials

It’s the weekend and we all know what time it is, right?! Yeah, it’s time to grab your buds and hit the clubs! Parties galore, ranging from themed parties to masquerades to DJ concerts. And you’ve just found the perfect outfit with matching heels; but it IS a party and not a vacation, so you have got to pack light and that means taking only important items in your little clutch. Now, if you’re stuck in a brain jam about what all to carry, don’t worry because here, you’ll find those essential items that you need in your clutch for the perfect problem-free night out!


1. Cards and Cash


So, cash is definitely required for parties because food and drinks, duh, and it’s always smart to carry your credit card in case the bill goes way overboard! Apart from this, it’s also a good idea to carry a card of identification such as your driver’s license or an ID card as most clubs ask for ID proof.

2. Phone


Like anyone goes anywhere without their most priced texting machine! Your phone is your baby. It goes wherever you go. For communication, getting your ride, calling that one friend who’s always late and to take absolutely stunning pictures which can then be put up on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Also, they now have inbuilt flashlights to get you through the darkness. Yeah, this is the one thing you DO NOT want to forget!

3. Hair ties


For a party, we all make sure that our hair is on point! Your hair is like the cherry on the cake and it will be perfect when you hit the party but after all the crazy dancing and head banging, it will be a nightmare! That is why it would be a good idea to carry a few hair ties to tame the uncontrollable tresses. It will also prevent you from scaring people with hair like the Grudge.

4. Safety pins

Safety pins seem unimportant, but trust me, they could end up saving your life…at least your dignity. You may have put on the cutest body hugging dress or off-shoulder top and there are always chances of wardrobe malfunctions. That’s when safety pins do their job on cue.

5. Compact powder


To look fresh throughout the night, what you need is the perfect compact makeup powder. And the name “compact” makes sense as it’ll sit perfectly inn your clutch. It will help remove the sweat and oil blotches and you will be glowing till dawn. An alternative for this is oil blotting paper which again has the same purpose and will you keep you cleansed.

6. Lipstick and gloss


Makeup is one thing which if you are wearing, you cannot afford to let it go awry. And there’s no better way you can glamour up a party without your favourite shade of lipstick. And of course you’ll need to redo it and brighten it and add a little shine with lip gloss. Apart from these two, carry your lip balm and maybe even your lip liner if necessary. But wait, don’t clutter your little clutch with a lot of stuff. Choose wisely.

7. Mouth Fresheners


Bad breath is a guaranteed turn off. So, the next item you need in your clutch is of utter importance. Gum sticks, mints or Orbit will come in handy during your night out, especially if you happen to run into a handsome man. They’re also going to keep you feeling fresh and minty.

8. Perfume


Just like bad breath, body odour is another thing you want to keep away when you go to a fancy party! And that is why tiny mini perfumes exist! Although they’re small, their scent lasts forever and it will do a great job keeping the smell of sweat away. Other than that, it also makes you feel super fresh.

9. Pepper spray


Sad story but self-defence nowadays is extremely important and carrying a pepper spray comes in handy especially when you’re not a professional kick boxer and karate fighter! This is another item which should not be forgotten as it is essential for your protection and safety!

10. Medicines

Carrying a few tablets like Aspirin for headaches is not a bad idea because you might have a few too many drinks and wake up the next day with a major hangover! It is always good to be extra cautious, and tablets will not take up any space in your clutch.

Whether you’re a planner or an impromptu person, these items are a must have when you go for a night out with friends or even alone! And they’ll all fit comfortably and perfectly in your favourite clutch and take up hardly any space. Make sure to remember these crucial items which will definitely come in handy. Also don’t forget to enjoy yourself and dance the night away!

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