Top 10 Outfits for the Bride’s Brother

Wedding seasons always get everyone’s nerves in a tangle! You’re under pressure to send the cards, get the venue booked and the absolute nightmare- shopping for the entire family! The bride, her mom, her brother, the dad, grandad, grandma, cousins and the list goes on. And during weddings everyone looks at the ladies, but we can’t forget about the handsome men! So here are 10 different outfits for the bride’s brother that will definitely get him some potential suitors.

1. Emraan Rajput design

emraan rajput

This kurta is a plain white bringing an elegant look to the man. Apart from that the intricate golden designs make it stand out in a crowd, but at the same time it isn’t too gaudy! This Emraan Rajput design has a simple yet elegant look making it a great choice for a wedding.

2. Kurta-Pyjama


This dark blue kurta-pyjama set from Manyavar is topped with a collared waistcoat. The waistcoat features traditional Indian prints and the golden breast pocket adds a hint of western to the set as well! Therefore it’s a great choice that makes the brother of the bride look dashing and smart.

3. Sherwani

rohit bal

This red-cream Rohit Bal design will definitely turn heads as the two colours go perfectly well together and more than that the gold work on the sherwani makes it one of my favourites!

4. Suit

hugo boss

A man in a suit is always a good-looking one, so go for a fine tailored Hugo Boss suit. The grey suit is different and also eye-catching especially if it’s topped off with a silk black skinny tie.

5. Velvet Suit Jacket

tom ford

Another idea is to go with a velvet suit jacket. And there’s no better option than a Tom Ford jacket which is found in blue and purple. Pair it with a black bow tie and a cummerbund inside to pull off a look that Ford himself will be proud of!

6. Manish Malhotra outfit

manish malhotra

This Manish Malhotra outfit is an absolute stunner and is perfect for an indo-western wedding. Wear this trendy beige and gold outfit with black trousers and you’ll be the one all the women want to dance with! It can also be worn to a traditional desi wedding and it will make you stand out as it has a new style compared to the common kurta patterns.

7. Plain kurta but with a statement piece

roht bal

Another one from the maestro Rohit Bal! A plain kurta but with a statement piece. The golden chain highlights the kurta which is not exactly plain as it has got subtle diamond patterns on it as well. This one is a good choice for the dashing brother of the bride-to-be.

8. Kurta-Pyjama Combo

anita dongre silk sherwani with kurta and dhtoti

If you’re bored of the normal kurta-pyjama combos, go for this look where a silk sherwani with a kurta is worn with a dhothi. Now this isn’t just suitable for a South Indian wedding because it’s a melange of North Indian and South Indian styles. The ability to blend the two styles is achieved beautifully by Anita Dongre in the form of this white and yellow outfit.

9. South Indian traditional look

Tarun tahiliani

Here’s another one for the South Indian traditional look. Tarun Tahiliani’s ensemble has a broad, golden border which accentuates the collared neck and the golden pocket square gives it a cool look making it a fashionable outfit.

10. Armani Suit


When in doubt about the perfect outfit, the answer is always and I mean ALWAYS Armani! The best suits that will make any man look dapper with Italian perfection. Go black on black with a back suit and trousers and a waistcoat to look classy and stylish.

Weddings aren’t only important to the bride and her parents, even the sibling has a say in it. So these are just some outfits that will help the brother be a part of his sister’s joyous day and give her away in the most fashionable way possible. And he also gets an added bonus where all the girls will not be able to their eyes off him.

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