Top 7 International Destinations to Set Your Trend Right

A shopaholic who simply falls in love with those latest “in” trends ? Then pack your sacks and gear yourselves up to hit the world’s ultimate shopping destinations. Here is a list of 7 best shopping cities of the world which can assure one a heart warming experience.


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Home to the Statue of Liberty, the city of New York is considered to be the most iconic spot for shopping to your heart’s content. Crammed with fashion and culture, NYC certainly tops this list. The city’s trending boutiques give you latest designer wears right off the racks with neat discounts.

Rare Vintage- this is one vintage showroom recommended by the stylist Stella Lee- someplace worth the visit.

Apple Store-Place for the tech savvy

Downtown crowd pleaser- Soho

FAO Schwarz- For the classics




Capital city of Japan- filled with all the hustle & bustle, Tokyo is known for its concoction of conventional and ultra-modernism. Shibuya and Harajuku districts are known for their vibrant and trendy teen fashion. Once you get to Tokyo, make sure you make a visit to the department stores- the place that can assure you the ultimate shopping pleasure at an affordable rate.

Ginza, Asakusa, Shinjuku are some stops you can take at Tokyo.



The city which probably tops the wish list of a shopaholic, but the cost of living is high-the cab fare just to reach the shop alone can break you. One gets to realize their dream shopping here, there are countless shopping centers where you can bargain and spend your earnings.

The best place where you can get souvenirs, clothes and so on is the OXFORD STREET.

REGENT’S STREET is also quite famous. Every child’s dream- Hamley’s store is also located here.

Dover Street Market- titled as the most “fashion forward” market in whole of London.



#mosthappeningcity – The city of Paris is evidently a dream destination for all shopping freak fashionistas out there. This European city is considered to be the global center for fashion and lifestyle. The boutiques are breath taking, literally too, seeing the price tag one may go out of breath!

Le Bon Marché, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette –  these are some other destinations that can be of interest.



One word description for this city-  joie de vivre.

It is the best place in the world from where you can get a wide range of products at reasonable prices, that too tax free. Hong Kong offers a good shopping environment for clothes, electrical appliances and cosmetics. It even offers shopping cum recreational areas.

Fang Fong Projects, KniQ are some of the must visit places that can guarantee you the bespoke shopping experience.



Dubai Mall is titled as the world’s largest mall, with theme parks, waterfall, “dancing” fountain. It even has an Olympic sized ice rink and an aquarium. It is nothing but malls within malls such as the Galeries Lafayette of France. Dubai mall on its own composes a small different world! One can certainly get the pleasure of shopping here.

Dubai shopping festival is one another attraction that lures visitors.



A city of elegant boulevards and parks, Madrid, Spain’s capital is most certainly one of its kind. The city is ranked third for best prices on general luxury items in the Globe Shopper Index.

Capas Seseña, Casa de Diego are 2 renowned shopping areas.

Figure out yourself  and explore these top 7 destinations meant for shopping freak fashionistas, and don’t forget to leave some vacant space in your luggage specially for shopping!!

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