Top 7 Mistakes Dry Skinned Girls Make

dry skin

Knowing your skin type well is very important and in case of dry skin we advice you take extra precautions. Allow me to clear out the confusion regarding the two different sub-skin types which are thought to be similar -true dry skin and dehydration. Dehydration is a condition where body faces loss of water while dry skin is a skin type which has diminished amounts of natural oils. Skin is the largest working organ of our body so lets just take time out to pamper our skin.We know having dry skin is any woman’s nightmare with the constant itching, flaky skin and inflammation. Hence, I hope the given tips below might just prove helpful if you got a dry skin. As for others stay connected!

You need to exfoliate your skin even if it is dry.

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Most people think that they don’t need to exfoliate when they have dry skin. It’s necessary to remove dead skin cells but make sure to use a heavy moisturizer afterwards. Exfoliation in no way means scrubbing. Leave out your extensive scrubbing skills at the laundry place. Special care is needed as the skin is already sensitive.

Do not wash your face twice a day.

do not wash your face twice a day

Women with dry skin do not need to wash their face with soap and water twice a day. In fact washing too often could dry out or irritate your skin. Instead wash gently at night. Use a toner or a face towelette on the t-zone if you want something stronger.

Avoid long hot water baths.

avoid long hot water bath


A prolonged hot shower bath is a strict no-no for people with dry skin. Instead opt for luke warm water. Hot water can only increase the redness and irritation of the skin while making it likely flammable. We can resume our bathroom singing out of those hot showers.

Do not over moisturize

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Just because your skin is dry, it doesn’t mean you need to pour gallons of moisturizing creams and oils and look like someone who just dropped off a massage. Dry skin is caused due to many reasons. Hence just moisturizing or over doing it wont heal your skin.

Usage of wrong products



Most dry skin sufferers use the wrong product. People use creams that are extremely rich and heavy. We may think that reduces our healing time and brings about equilibrium, but the molecules are rather large. This makes it difficult for them to penetrate and hence they deposit on the skin itself. This fixes your patchy skin but does greater damage.This practice should be taboo-d.

Skipping night cream

dry skin-6

Evening Primrose oil

borage oil

Not only people with dry skin but most of the mob says they do not apply night creams as they want their skin to breathe. But as the skin does not have a respiratory system to carry this function you might start considering this as you night ritual. The damage repairing troops of your skin start their mending work at night. For this type of skin creams with glycolipids, evening primrose oil, borage oil does the work right.

Try these tips on and do tell us if they help. I assure you they work wonders.




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