Top 8 Beauty Tips For Monsoon!

Monsoon brings with itself not just beautiful weather and romantic rains but also frizzy hair and oily, sticky skin! As a result of the added humidity in monsoon, our hair and skin go totally haywire.
Are you looking for a way to look fresh and runway ready even while battling the monsoon blues? Then look no further! We here at Wonder Wardrobes know exactly how to beat the drizzle!

monsoon beauty

During Monsoon our skin and hair become much more vulnerable to damage. The harsh rains and extreme humid weather lead to lacklustre hair and skin. This is the season when your skin and hair call for some extra pampering.
So, scroll down through these easy tips and tricks to help you shine even during the gloomiest of times!

Say no to heavy makeup!

no heavy makeup

Slapping on layers of makeup isn’t a good idea anyway, but it’s extremely important to avoid wearing heavy makeup as much as possible during the rainy season. Your effortlessly done makeup will be immediately swept away by the rain, leaving you looking shabby and unkempt. Opt for minimal and water-proof makeup to avoid product streaming down your face.
No more raccoon eyes!

Thorough cleansing!


Are you running out of tissues but your sticky skin seems to have no end? Excessively oily skin is a normal occurrence during Monsoon. To combat the stickiness you must properly cleanse your face at least thrice a day with a gentle, oil removing cleanser to keep breakouts at bay.
Matte look all day long!

Regular oil treatments!

oiling hair

Experiencing dry, frizzy hair? That’s because your hair tends to lose its natural oils and moisture, owing to the extremely humid weather. With all the moisture sucked out of your precious tresses, your hair starts acting out and gets extremely hard to manage. But there’s an easy cure for your predicament! Turn to regular oiling each time before you shampoo and voila glossy, hydrated hair!
Your hair doesn’t have to resemble a huge ball of twine any more!
Tip- Add honey and lemon to cold water and use it as a final rinse after you shampoo for some added shine!

Shampoo often!


Due to the increased humidity your hair experiences oil and sweat at a much higher rate. To overcome that, it is advised you wash your hair more often than usual during this season. But make sure to use a gentle formula that is safe for everyday use!
Lather up girls!

Regular exfoliation!


Dull and lifeless skin? Excessive oil build up is to blame! Exfoliation is the key here. With your skin being much more sensitive than usual, removing dead skin becomes all the more important during this season. Choose from an array of scrubs available in the market depending on your skin type or if you are feeling creative, go the DIY route and whip up a custom made scrub!
Scrub your way to glowing skin!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!


It’s raining cats and dogs and there’s no trace of the blistering sun. Why wear sunscreen? While you might not be able to see the sun but the sun can totally see you! The sun’s rays are omnipresent no matter the season. As long as it’s day time, you better put that sunscreen on!
Better safe than sorry, right?

Stay well hydrated!


The damp and humid weather is already robbing your skin of its much needed moisture, don’t dry it any further! Keep your skin supple and well hydrated with regular use of moisturiser that works best for your skin type. Use a water based moisturiser for best results.
Tip- It is also advised to drink loads of water to keep you from getting dehydrated

Say no to extremely hot or cold showers!

lukewarm showers

Hot or cold showers are a complete no-no in the monsoon season. Your best bet would be to go for a lukewarm shower as it does not rob your skin of its natural moisture as much as a hot or cold shower is prone to do. Even washing your face using warm water would be ideal as it dissolves excess oil better.
Don’t let those hot showers tempt you!

Ladies, don’t let the damp weather dampen your spirits! Follow these fuss free tips and tricks to help you look your best even during the dull and gloomy monsoon!

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