Top 8 Best Wedding Gifts For The Bride’s Mother In Law

Weddings are not just about love but about two families getting along with each other for a long term. Its not just a one sided occasion rather its a blessing we girls get to be a part of another family and rejoice the idea of being blessed with groom’s parents who will love you equally just like your own parents. Here we are to help the Bride to choose the perfect gift for her Mother in law to begin with a healthy joyful relationship but we all know it doesn’t come that easy being a little fancy is a must too 😉 .

Mother in law

1. Jewelry :


Let’s begin with the most cliched gift yet the top choice for every girl-Jewelry. Someone said it right that jewelry is a woman’s bestfriend so take an hint and gift her something beautiful. The choices can be varied from Diamond rings,kundan earrings,pearl necklace or golden bangles.There’s definitely going to be no disappointment with the gift as every woman loves jewelry and are always happy to receive them.


2. Sarees :


Another cliched gift but yet tops the gift charts are Sarees. They might be old-fashioned but trends are changing and you get different varieties of sarees with beautiful borders and patterns which is definitely a YES as a gift for a mother in law . The best you can do is plan a day out for shopping alone to buy her some sarees depending on her taste which you hopefully are aware of till now whether its modern or ethnic thats totally your call.

3. Handbags :

burberry bag

Trust me every woman likes to have a good collection of bags which gives you another option to decide from depending on her taste whether she likes the expensive lot consisting of Louis Vuitton and Burberry or a decent low-budget bag from Zara or Calvin Klein . Its advisable to buy a good quality bag as first impression has a lot of impact so be careful with the choice.

4. Beauty Products/Spa Membership :


Now that you’re going to get married lets just give her time to relax a little and take good care of herself for that you can gift her a set of her favorite beauty products depending upon her choice whether they are organic products or fancy ones like Mac or Bobby Brown on the other hand you can also purchase for her a yearly membership of a good spa/saloon .

5. Ticket to travel :


Heard her talking about places she wants to visit or has a thing for wanderlust then you might as well book her tickets for a good trip alone or with other family members as she would love to bond with you and her family on a good trip where the relationship between both of you might as well grow into a stronger mother and daughter bond.

6. Watches :

mk watch

Gifting a watch never gets old fashioned as it defines a person’s personality and you would definitely want to gift a classy watch to your mother in law to add more charm to her look. You can always go for a classic vintage watch,a gold bracelet watch or even a fancy Michael Kors watch depending upon your budget . Don’t worry about it being cliched as its definitely a good investment.


7. Sunglasses:


Buy her new sunnies this wedding to make her look as modern and stylish as her daughter in law as staying up to date in fashion is a must these days . If you want to make her look as stylish as you are then get her a pair of sunglasses whether its Ray-Ban,Gucci or Prada as we all know its all about style and fancy things. I am sure you must be aware of what suits her the most after all the suggestions from the groom.


8.  A mobile ?Maybe :

mobile phones

Did you just see her using an old-fashioned boring phone?Its time to move on with technology and you can actually think about giving her a mobile-phone along with that to create a impression you can always guide her thoroughly about the way of using it along with helping her with the apps so that both of you can let out your stress and secrets on whatsapp 😉 isn’t that a good idea?

Here is the list of fancy things which will help you figure out a perfect gift for your mother in law but these fancy things have no stand in front of real love and affection so do add your love and affection with these gifts and form a heart warming relationship with her.Don’t forget to take suggestions from your fiance for a better idea.

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