Top 8 Hairstyles To Rock This Christmas

With Christmas knocking on the front door, there are more and more butterflies in the stomach, girls are pulling up their socks with what to wear this Christmas but amidst all the chaos, they forget about the hairstyle! Right hairstyle is as crucial as choosing the right dress that will suit your body type. So, here we are unveiling some trendy, quirky yet easy to handle hairstyles that will enhance your beauty and glam up your outfit in no time!

1. Braid

Braid hairstyle     Braid hairstyle

This is the most chic and trending  hairstyle these days. We can even have variations in braiding pattern. You can try this hairstyle with any western outfit that will definitely rock it or with any Indian outfit. Elegance promised!

2. Retro Waves

Retro Waves hairstyle     Retro Waves hairstyle

This structured style is perfect for a glamorous event. These soft waves are universally flattering for any face type and for any length of hair. These waves are easy to have and time saving. It is stylish and sleek. You can don it any time and can sport them on any outfit you want to wear. Talk about versatility, eh?

3. Chignon

Chignon hairstyle      Chignon hairstyle

This is the most elegant and sleek hairstyle for any event. You may carry this hairstyle with any gown to look uber sexy and glamorous.

4. Top Knot Bun

Top Knot Bun kim kardashian hairstyle      Top Knot Bun kim kardashian hairstyle

Top Knot Bun kim kardashian hairstyle     Top Knot Bun kim kardashian hairstyle

This one is my personal favorite, it is totally in vogue and not at all time consuming. Kim Kardashian totally rocked it in this blue gown with braid as an ice coating to it.

5. Side Part with Braid

Side Part with Braid hairstyle     Side Part with Braid hairstyle     Side Part with Braid hairstyle

If you do not have any time for any cuts or colors and you want to stand out in the event, you can always go for the good old side parting and add a dramatic touch to it with braid. This a glamorous look for any hair length. This will make you stand out in the crowd and you will definitely grab many eyes.

6. Braided Up Do

Braided Up Do hairstyle     Braided Up Do hairstyle    Braided Up Do hairstyle

This look is for any event when you don’t have time to go home-this look transitions seamlessly from day to night. You can either sport this look by casually draping braid on the mane from lower side or by making braids from the mane and then tying them at nape.

7. Bouffant

Bouffantv hairstyle     Bouffantv hairstyle     Bouffantv hairstyle

This is known as Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle because she always loved to have half up and half down hair. This style basically requires a little bit of teasing on the mane and you can have it. This is an evergreen look and goes with every outfit. The modern way to have a bouffant is with the bun.

8. Ponytail

Ponytail Ponytail Ponytail

Ponytails are not only meant for the gym. There are so many different ways to do them. Ponytails never go out of fashion and they are so versatile. There are endless ways to wear a pony: sleek, textured, perky, straight, high, low and many more! Many celebrities have been spotted to be wearing a pony during formal events. They are adorable and you can have them in any manner.

 What are you waiting for, ladies? Go ahead and embrace the Christmas joy with these super chic hairstyles!

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