Top 8 Lingerie Brands for Teenagers From Around The World

People often forget that Lingerie is a big part of fashion. We oversee intimate apparel and focus on what we wear on the outside. Lingerie is just as important as accessories, makeup, shoes, etc. There is a moment in a woman’s life when she must move on from simple underwear to grander and greater things- lingerie. Good lingerie can give a good confidence boost to the shyest of girls.  So, Here are top 8 lingerie brands you won’t regret paying for.

1. Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

The first and the most obvious brand for teenagers to pick. Victoria Secret lives up to all the hype it gets not only for the main brand but also for PINK. The special line is aimed at college crowd and teens in high school around the world.Another upside to PINK, it offers more than just lingerie. You can buy cute sweatpants, sweatshirt and tee’s to make even your lazy days stylish. The bright colors and cheeky prints with affordable prices should be on your next to-buy list.

2. Calvin Klein

calvin klein

Calvin Klein Underwear exudes the same luxurious, elite and sophisticated aesthetic as the ready-to-wear collections. Calvin Klein has some of the best bras around, it’s crazy comfortable for being a non-sports bra.  All of the intimate wears are comfortable and slimming, be it bra, underwear or camis. If you’re not worried about spending some extra bucks for a good bra then close your eyes and trust this brand. It’s definitely worth the price tag.

3. Aerie


For those who haven’t heard of this brand, Aerie is a subdivision of American Eagle Outfitters clothing brand. Aerie targets the 15-21 age group, mostly teens and college students. If you are looking for a good push-up bra, this brand will be your new best friend. In 2014, Aerie launched the ‘Body Positive’  campaign showing how their lingerie is for everyone and it’s true. Aerie is a good match for young women who are trying out new intimates and are on a tight budget.

4. La Perla

La Perla

La Perla is an Italian brand that has been winning hearts all around the world since 1954. It’s lightweight, delicate, eye-catching and colorful, all the qualities to make great lingerie. La Perla the name itself evokes luxury, refinement and glamour.  They are known worldwide for their quality of lace, silk and campaigns. With La Perla you know what you’re getting- classic, evergreen lingerie that will never go out of style. This is what true luxury lingerie really looks like.

5. La Senza

la senza

“Famously sexy, infamously naught”, The tagline for the brand is definitely true. La Senza’s bras are flirtatious and feminine. But the brand is more than just sexy designs, they are majorly famous for their affordable prices. Great designs along with the affordable prices is all ladies from around the world want and cherish.

6. Huit


Huit is a french company that focuses to integrate comfort, design, creativity and modernity in it’s products while still being affordable and casual for everyday use. The pieces aren’t overly frilly or girly, it consists of modern patters like lines and sheer material. If you are looking for something simple but seductive, and something you can wear under your clothes to give yourself the extra oomph, then I highly recommend you check out Huit’s collection.

7. Stella McCartney

stella mccartney

Daughter of the two most famous musicians ever born, who would’ve thought Stella McCartney would grow up to make such a big impact on the fashion industry. The brands products are defined as ‘sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity’, which can clearly be seen through the fine collection of intimate wear. Stella McCartney should be your next purchase if you want something sexy and classy.

8. Cosabella


Cosabella’s signature style is simple and chic using bright vibrant colors combining with elegance. Their aesthetics are plain and easy, but their textiles are simply amazing.  Cosabella designs are girly but different, alternative but very pin-up, all in an array of colors, designs, and sizes. The material used is unbelievably soft and durable. These intimate apparel pieces will last and are totally worth the investment.

It’s time get some great lingerie. After all it’s important to look equally good inside as well as outside. 😉

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    I’m a 68 year old amputee white man with one leg i love wearing feminine clothing everything pink love wearing my pink 💄

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