Top 8 Over-Water Villas You Must Visit At-least Once

We have all day dreamed about it at-least once. The white sand, sparkling blue waters, clear skies that seem to go on forever, lush green palm trees swaying in the wind and exotic little birds chirping away. These are the sort of images that you hold onto in your sleep and wish that you never wake up to disrupt it. These are the sort of images that would make it to anybody’s bucket list. Ooh if only it weren’t a dream right? Well it needn’t be anymore. Hoteliers all over the world have heard us and are creating beautiful, contemporary and traditional living spaces right in the midst of those fantastic images. Now you needn’t live in the city anymore and make the beach only a one day visit, you can now live on it. Literally! Over water villas are built on stilts or concrete pillars on the water and offer one of the most fantastic and uninterupted views of some of the most gorgeous islands on the planet. This is a list of some such villas that you may not want to check out from in a hurry.

 1. Four Seasons, Bora Bora

Poised  on 54 tropical acres of palm shaded Polynesian beachfront and crystalline lagoon, Four Seasons resort Bora Bora, is a breathtaking and welcoming resort for  honeymoon couples and incurable romantics. Not only are the accommodations spacious and refreshing, but all the rooms are built in such a way that they face Bora Bora’s towering Mt. Otemana fringed by the azure waters, making it a dreamy oasis, that is also splendid for memorable destination weddings.

 4 seasons bora bora 1  4 seasons bora bora 2

2. Likuliku lagoon resort, Fiji

While there are a plethora of over-water bungalows in Fiji, Likuliku Lagoon resort stands out in being the only multi-award winning, adults only, boutique hotel with over-water ‘bures’ in Fiji. It is also the only 100% Fijian family owned resort in the country making it’s aesthetics rich in authenticity and tradition. In a nutshell, Likuliku is a ‘magical sanctuary’ for couples.  With vast bedrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, ladder access to the lagoon and private plunge pools right on the sand, you could run a serious risk of getting used to the good life here.

Likuliku_Lagoon_Resort fiji 1

likuliku lagoon resort fiji 2

3. Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

The Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico, has made it into the Forbes list of best luxury hotels several times. It’s also a hot favorite among celebrities as their secret winter vacation spot. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ronaldo and Gwyneth Paltrow  are some of the celebs who have graced the rooms of these villas. All 128 rooms boast private plunge pools, mini boat, free Wifi and furnished patios. It’s also only 5 km from the El Canaleon Golf club and the Gran Coral Golf.

Rosewood-LagoonSuites1, mexico

rosewood mayakoba mexico 2

4. Kapalai island resort, Malaysia

The water villas here offer a world of their own: glass floors with brilliant underwater views, luxurious whirlpools, private infinity pools, and round master beds that rotate 270 degrees following the setting sun. There’s also a undersea restaurant nearby for a spectacular romantic meal, with coral reefs all around you. This is also a great diving and snorkeling resort as the place offers unlimited house reef dives to it’s guests.

kapalai malaysia 1


The Kapalai Island resort takes pride in it’s award winning wedding venues that can seat about 400 guests.


kapalai 2

5. Taj Exotica resort & spa, Maldives

The service and the setting makes this among the best in the region. Set off on a private island, each of the resorts palm-thatched over water villas comes with a private deck, a rain shower, and a bathtub that looks over a magnificent blue ocean. After a luxuriant massage at the award winning  Jiva Grande Spa, ask for a special, middle of the ocean dinner. Should you need to stay connected with the world, just hitch your phone to the free Wifi.

TAJ exotica resort and spa, maldives


ayada_maldives-sunset-lagppn-suites 1

6. Hotel palafitte , Switzerland

The only hotel in Europe built on stilts, the Palafitte enjoys breathtaking views of Lake Neuchatel and the Alps. To put one foot into this unique and unusual establishment is to dive into a cocooning and relaxing environment. This 5-star hotel was constructed more than 10 years ago as part of the National Expo 2002.

The private terrace of the pavilions built on the water offer direct access to the Lake. Also upon arrival, guests will receive a free ticket for public transportation in Neuchatel. The hotel Palafitte is truly a place you must visit at least once, if not for the atypical architecture but for the remarkable aura of the place.

hotel palafille switzerland

Palafille switzerland

7. El-Nido Lagen, Philippines

Nestled between a lush four hectare forest and a calm, shallow lagoon, Lagen island in El-Nido , Northern Palawan, is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday in a private and tranquil island. The resort offers outstanding views of Baait Bay and El-Nido sunsets. The surrounding limestone cliffs are amazing natural attractions that also serve as a sanctuary for a diverse variety of birds and mammals. If a sun drenched escape soaked in serenity is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Lagen islands of Philippines.

el nido lagen, philippines 1

el nido lagen, philippines 2


8. Song Saa private island resort, Cambodia

Song Saa is Cambodia’s first island resort and these large over water villas scream exclusivity. Situated in Cambodia’s untouched Koh Rong Archipelago, on two pristine islands (locally called the sweethearts), lying side by side, the best way to describe Song Saa is intimate and luxurious. But above all, think harmony- with all the elements of nature as all villas are built with sustainable materials. The villas are connected by a footbridge over a marine reserve that safeguards some of the most exotic species of turtles, seahorses and other tropical fish. And for the ladies, there’s even an exclusive island boutique featuring designer labels from across the world.


song sea, cambodia 2


So are your bags packed yet? If not, let me tell you there is no time like the present for taking that much deserved vacation. Be it with your girlfriends, spouse, partner, family or just going solo, these mega villas have everything it takes to get your jaws dropping. The grandeur of the seas, the lip smacking food and the splendid hospitality will leave you thinking you have finally found nirvana!


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