Transition From Winter To Spring

Winter 2014 brought us many new styles and fashion statements like stripes, geometric prints, dark florals and pastels. Like most women we realized we cannot bear the thought of not owning these amazing items and thus raided the stores filling our already overflowing wardrobes with these amazing winter pieces. But since most of us don’t own closets or bank balances like Paris Hilton we can’t afford to change our entire wardrobe every 4 months; nor can we find place in our house to ‘store’ the old clothes (and I say store because most women are hoarders and can’t find in it their heart to throw an old item away). So now the dilemma is these clothes will be out of fashion within one year and we really haven’t got our money’s worth just yet. Also some of those pieces are just to amazing to not be worn sometime soon – while they’re still fashionable.

Fashion style


Light bulb idea! Let’s transition from winter to spring using some items from our winter wardrobe while pairing them up with our current spring collections. I know it sounds weird – winter and summer clothes really don’t go together. But there’s always ways to get the look you want, also anything that looks great is fashionable! So here are some great ideas to pair up your trending winter clothes with something that could be worn in spring without looking like a total whack job.

We all own that one chambray shirt which we wore as many times as we possibly could. Now that spring is here, wear this shirt open with a tank top inside and jeggings or jeans. Instead of wearing a million layers inside or on top, use this shirt as your second layer over a tank top so it fits well into spring. You could even team this up with ankle length boots since those will help break into spring plus they’ll never be worn in summer. Even fleece winter shirts can be worn the same way, over a tank top or even a simple maxi. Not only does this look great, it also adds layers to your outfit since it isn’t warm enough to go half naked nor is it cold enough to cover up completely.

Spring look


Florals go from winter to spring to summer – they’re wearable every season. So this spring team up your dark florals with pastel pants. That way you’re sticking to a darker winterish look but the light coloured pants tone it down a notch by adding a slightly summery effect. A chunky pullover could also be worn on top; on a warmer day you can ditch the pullover for a sheer or lacey pullover. This way you’re mixing florals, pastels and lace – all trending items of winter and spring. You could also go in a totally opposite but similar direction by teaming up your floral pants with a pastel full sleeved winter top (or a lightblazer/jacket). It gives off the same impact, a wintery look at the bottom with a summerish ting to it. It really doesn’t get more fashionable than this.

Spring fashion


Use a pair of metallic ballerinas to freshen up an otherwise typical summer look. Be it stripes, florals or ripped jeans – metallic goes with everything; they add a slight edge to a casual look. To make stuff even more interesting your could wear a dull metallic blazer or even a kimono style pullover. That way you’re making a perfect blend of your winter shopping with something that would usually be considered a summer outfit.


Instead of geometric mini skirts and body con dresses, wear your geometric print pants with a casual sheer top. Since its too cold to bear legs but too hot to have something sticking to your legs these loose fitted comfortable pants do the trick. The sheer blouse keeps everything covered but doesn’t make you feel too hot; if this seems to simple pair it up with a statement neck piece or even a suede or leather bag (usually a darker colour).

Everyone had a craze of palazzo pants this winter -every colour, flare, pattern was visible on every 3rd person. These pants are a perfect way to transition from winter to spring – they don’t stick to our legs making them utterly comfortable. Team it up with spaghetti and a thin well tailored blazer, even a long pullover or non padded trench coat will do the trick. The days its warmer you could just roll the sleeves up, on a colder day this outfit would look perfect as it is. Once summer approaches ditch the second layer and add a statement bag or necklace. How versatile is that?

Palazzo Pants

Pull out all your knee high socks and team these up with your shorts! Wear pantyhose under your shorts, pull the socks upto your knees and wear moccasins or high top sneakers. Team it up with a bomber jacket or even a thin cardigan where the sleeves can be easily rolled up. Not only will this keep you warm but it’ll make you stand out from the crowd. This outfit is perfect for someone who can’t really decide if they’re feeling hot or cold since it lets air in but keeps one covered at the same time.

knee high socks with shorts

Here’s hoping you pulled off great looks using clothes stolen from your winter and spring collection. Spring is the one season you can’t go wrong about how many layers is less or too much, so why not make the most of it. Mix and match your clothes to find your favorite outfits. Cheers!

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