Travel essentials| Entertainment, comfort and vanity

Travelling can be the most exhilarating and tiring thing EVER. And  if you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t like to compromise on her style and comfort even while travelling, then you would know what goes through your mind when you have to pack for your vacay getaway! I personally recommend always making a checklist before heading to any trip, whether it’s a weekend trip or a month long vacation. To make your trip stress free and memorable, I have a list of my travel essentials, broken down into three parts- entertainment, comfort and vanity.



When I travel I always have to have my iPod or iPad to watch TV series because I know how boring long travelling hours get. Another essential is my phone which has all my favourite music and can keep me glued for hours. Do NOT forget to carry your earphones.



I used to call this my fashion segment, however I feel it’s more of comfort instead. I always keep a few pieces that keep me warm and comfortable, especially during long flights. From a warm jacket which looks chic while checking in at the airport to a pair of cute socks to sunnies to hair ties, everything is an essential while travelling and comes handy.



Vanity is my favourite part, obviously. It is where I put all my “look good feel good” stuff which is make up and other things. Since I love makeup, I obviously carry a good amount of light makeup when I travel in a waterproof pouch. BB cream and a light cream concealer is great to conceal any redness or blemish marks. A few good lipsticks, a nice rose gold blush, a long lasting kohl pencil, perfume, body lotion and body mist are all that you’ll need.


Personal hygiene and toiletries are the extreme basics that go without any saying. Do no get into the “I’ll buy it there” debate because you might or might not. So it’s always better to carry your personal hygiene products.

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