“Moving Beauty”: The Traveling Make up Essentials You Need

We all want to look our best all the time, and why shouldn’t we, it’s our birthright to look chic and sassy, wherever and whenever! ­čśë But, it becomes a bit difficult to do so when you are traveling. It is not practical to carry your entire vanity box as you don’t want to be burdened with luggage while traveling!┬áIt is always a good idea to carry some basic essentials rather than piling your bag with all the cosmetics you have! So, girls, here is a list of some basic travel makeup essentials which you must have in your travel bag, which will help you look absolutely gorgeous without taking the pains of carrying all your beauty products!



First on the list has to be a concealer. Of course, when we travel, it is but natural to get tired and fully drained. None of us want to show those puffy eyes and dark circles to the world. Our sleep routine also gets disturbed when we are traveling which again makes us look dreary, which is why a good concealer is a must-have in your travel makeup essentials, which helps you look all fresh and pretty!

BB Cream

bb cream

This is a multitasking makeup expert! Most of these BB creams act as moisturizers, sunscreens, primers, and foundation. So, it is always a smart idea to do away with different kinds of creams when you can make do with just one!┬áHence, such an “all-in-one” makeup superstar has to be in your traveling makeup essentials checklist! Plus, it is so light that you would not feel too made up while enjoying that trek on the Himalayas!

Kohl and Mascara

kohl and mascara

You know we all have been pointed out as looking sleepy or even upset the day we did not wear the quintessential kajal! Just adding a tinge of kohl or liner, and some mascara opens up your eyes and makes you look bright and beautiful all together! Go for a waterproof, long lasting kohl and mascara, as we can never predict the weather, so it’s better to be on a safer side! ­čśë Also, you would not want to end up looking like an emo-ghost with all the mascara running down your face on the beach!

Lip stick and Lip Balm

lip balm lipstick

They say, “a little lipstick never hurts”! ┬áLipstick is one such makeup product which lifts up your look in a jiffy! If you are too lazy and tired and just don’t want to put on any makeup, just add a tint to your lips and see how it transforms your look immediately. Along with 2 of your favorite shades of lip color, carry a lip balm for sure to avoid dry and chapped lips. You can also carry a tinted lip balm or a gloss to add on to your lip essentials!




It is one of the basic and very important makeup essentials. You never know what sort of weather conditions you might have to face, and we are sure nobody wants a dry and flaky skin. Hence, always carry a moisturizer with you while traveling to keep your skin glowing and hydrated!

Perfume or Deodorant

perfumes and deos

This one is definitely the most obvious traveling makeup essentials. More than makeup, it is for maintaining a good hygiene. When you travel, you tend to sweat, which leads to body odour. So, carrying a perfume or a deo is a definite must in your traveling vanity bag. Apart from the deos and perfumes, you can also carry some roll on sticks, as they are much more convenient and easy to carry also.

Makeup Remover or Face Cleanser

makeup remover1


makeup remover2

No matter how tired you are, make sure you take off all the makeup from your face when you are heading to the bed, and for that, you need to carry some makeup removal wipes or some cleanser to remove your makeup, while you are traveling. Carry a mild face wash also as it helps in taking off the makeup even better and makes you feel fresh as well! Yes, this is one of the important traveling makeup essentials.

These are some basic traveling makeup essentials which you “MUST” carry when you are traveling, and make sure that you don’t leave home without these!

Happy traveling┬áwith these traveling makeup essentials! ­čÖé

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