Trend Alert – Women Tuxedos

What happens when women take on men’s fashion? I’ll tell you what happens – lots. of. FABULOUS! Some bold and daring female celebrities have tried on the men’s look by wearing tuxedos to the red carpet, and the results have (almost) always been AMAZING! Be it Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, here are some looks where they show you how there’s nothing a woman can’t do! (or in this case, there’s nothing a woman can’t wear!)

kristen-stewart  Kourtney K  Angelina Jolie


Feeling tempted yet? Here is how you can rock this look with a few simple tips!

Go Monochrome (or not)

Woman in tuxedo

Since this look is already a bit difficult to carry, you can always opt for a monochrome look. Choose a black coat over a white crisp shirt and you’re good to go! For the girls who are super confident about whatever they wear and can easily carry the look, they can opt for bright colors and even include the color block trend.


The Perfect Fit


A tuxedo never looks good if it’s not well fitted. We girls have different body shapes and tailoring is the best option to get that perfect fit.


No Accessories Rule


Make sure you stick to minimum accessories if you’re opting for this look. A watch should be your only companion. No big, bright earrings or baubles with a tuxedo please!




Stilettos add to the sharp and sophisticated look. Because neither bellies nor pumps can make you look good in a tuxedo, in fact they’ll end up ruining the whole look. Make sure you opt for pointed stilettos.



Tuxedo Accesories

Hat? Yes you read that right. Since you cannot wear any other accessories, you can always opt for a hat as one.


Follow these tips are you are good to go! Now it’s up to you to find out where you’ll be rocking this sexy and bold look!

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