Best steals under 2000 to decorate your home this Diwali

Diwali has been known as a ‘festival of lights’ for centuries. But now, it just seems like any other holiday where you wear new dresses, eat amazing homemade sweets and sit watching TV the whole day. Most don’t even burst crackers because of all the Green Earth ads and whatnot. So here are a few inexpensive ideas under 2000 to decorate your home this Diwali and bring back the festive feeling!!

DIY lights:

If you want to do away with the conventional lighting of diyas (which invariably result in oil spills), here are a few things you could try out:

Paper lanterns:

Since these lanterns use LED powered lights and parchment paper predominantly, stunning light is given out without much fuss.

Materials needed- thick parchment paper, metal ruler, paper cutter, glue stick, LED powered tea light


  • Download and print your desired design on the parchment paper
  • Cut out the template, making sure you cut inside the lines at the top, bottom & left side, so that the closure is the only black element                                                 design on paper
  • To prepare the shape, place the design face down & roll the sheet up from the short unprinted side, in the direction of the closure.
  • Correctly aligned, the printed design should have a paper ‘shadow’ of the same size and shape behind it.                                                                                            making a paper lantern
  • With the printed design face down, distribute glue along the short paper edge, making sure that all extruding bits have glue on them.
  • Carefully roll the paper up again. Check that the edges underneath line up with the printed design on top.
  • Glue together once all sides are perfectly aligned.

paper lantern

With this same concept, you can also try to do different types of candles ( like printed candles,painted candles), CD globule lights,etc… and each are sure to add a new dimension to your home.

Painted candles:


CD globule lights:

cd globule lights

Lights Online:

Or,if you are feeling too lazy or craftsmanship is just not your thing, there are certain amazing products available online, that can make your home ‘splenawesomendous’.

Hanging lights come in various forms these days like bulb series and rice lights. But above all these one that looks amazingly exotic is the Moroccan Waterdrop string light. Coming in a new shape, these are rave at weddings mostly but can also be used to turn your home into an Arabian palace!!

moroccan waterdrop string light

Surprisingly, a string of 20 pieces is found for just 860 at eBay at the following link:


If you want to go bang on with the lighting up idea, here is a wall hanging ganesha made of brass, that is sure to catch everyone’s eye and also gives a new dimension to lighting up!!

wall hanging ganesha

This product is available online at Amazon for just 1145 at the following link:

Also, you can display exquisite wall scones and wall hangings with little holders for tea lights,with a nice metal finish.

wall scones

These attractive pieces are available online at Amazon for just 1325, at the following link:

So, now, I think you would have gotten a few ideas on how to spruce up your festival day and light your home with a warm glow.Come on! let’s make this Diwali a dream like festival!

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