Ways To Avoid Menstrual Bloating!

Being a woman is hard enough without the added monthly blues. Mother nature comes calling every month and there’s not much you can do about it. Yes, having your period slows you down, getting out of bed becomes a struggle and you might leave behind a ‘crime scene’ each time you get up! But it doesn’t have to be that way!


PMSing is inevitable. Some women experience a mild case of PMS while some seem to be PMSing too hard! While none of these symptoms are a pretty sight, bloating or water retention is a real bump in the road. It can leave you feeling uneasy and uncomfortable and also hinder with your chances of getting into your favourite pair of skinny jeans.
We are here to make your ‘that time of the month’ a tad bit easier. Read on for the best ways to avoid bloating for when you are on your period.

Cut the soda!

no soda

Sodas are abundant in sugar and carbon dioxide. When such substances enter your body, it can leaving you feeling uncomfortable and gassy. Even when you are not menstruating, soda can make you feel bloated. So, it’s best to steer clear of aerated drinks to avoid bloating your tummy.
Sip on some water instead!

Go easy on dairy!

limit dairy

Can’t get enough of your favourite smoothie? You might wanna lay a little low on the dairy front as it might be the reason why you feel so bloated. Avoiding or limiting dairy products while PMSing can help adjust your hormones and restrict bloating.
No more late night froyos!

Get on your feet!

work out

Constant sitting and lazing around can actually encourage bloating. Sitting around and doing nothing multiplies water retention. It is advised to work out and get your heart racing to keep bloating at bay. Exercise aids in better blood circulation. Cycling and going for a walk can also be highly beneficial.
Keep them legs moving!

Limit salt intake!

limit salt

Salt is a major contributor to fluid retention. Salty food items can elevate your menstrual bloat to a great extent. Your salt intake should be kept at the bare minimum while you menstruate. Avoid fries, chips, pickles and other such salty foods at all costs.
Munch on some greens instead!

Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables!

fresh fruits and veggies

Avoid foods that can leave you feeling heavy and congested. Fried food and foods like red meat, beans, lentils, cauliflower etc don’t go down that well in your body. Instead, go for leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and avocado. Fruits like bananas and tomatoes are also excellent healers when it comes to bloating.
Healthy is the way to go!

Eat smaller portions!

smaller portions

Larger, heavier meals are harder to digest and take more time to be broken down by your body. Instead of opting for three full meals in a day, stick to eating smaller meals often. Smaller, healthier meals would be much better digested by your body and lessen your chances of experiencing bloating.
Eat less, eat often!

So, ladies, don’t let your period slow you down! Beat the bloat with these helpful tips for a more happier and bloat free period!

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