Ways To Get Over Your Ex!

Lucky are those people who are fortunate enough to spend their entire lives with their first loves. But for the rest of us, heartbreak is part and parcel of dating and relationships.


It’s indeed strange how someone who meant the whole world to you once is now a complete stranger. Moving on can be extremely hard and engaging. You may feel like your whole world is falling apart, but it really isn’t.
As they say, ‘Time is the best healer’. Time is all it’ll take for you to pick yourself up and be fine again. Until time does its magic, here are some ways to aid in the healing of your broken heart!

Pamper yourself!


Now that your ex is out of the picture, you can finally focus on yourself. Tweaking your look a little can leave you feeling refreshed and much more confident. Get a new haircut, wear something you have never worn before or just make yourself up like you don’t generally do! A bad break up can make you feel broken and insecure. Focusing on yourself will enable you to gain back that confidence and help you feel happy and secure in yourself.
Self love above everything!

Let it all out!

let it out

Keeping your feelings all bottled up inside won’t help you in your healing process. This is where your girl squad comes in! Pour your heart out to your girlies, tell them what you hated about your ex, all his annoying habits, get down to the nitty gritty! Spare nothing! Letting go of your feelings will help you feel lighter and give you a fresh perspective. Things will become much more clearer.
So, let loose and get on with the bitchin’!

Sweat it out!

work out

Working out is the best outlet for your stress. Not only does it release all the stress built up inside you, but it’ll also help you feel good about yourself and moving on is all about being at peace with yourself. So, go and get yourself a banging bod and show him what he’s missing!
Squat it up!

Play the field!

get flirty

You may not be ready to dive into yet another relationship, but there’s no harm in dating around and meeting new people. Instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry about yourself, get dolled up and explore the dating field. Who knows, this time you might just find ‘the one’!

Get busy!

get busy

There’s nothing like a packed schedule to get your mind off your ex. By keeping your calendars full, there will be no time left for you to cry over your ex. A busy schedule will make you feel efficient and worthy. This is also a way towards feeling good about yourself and gaining back your lost confidence. Sitting around doing nothing will leave you feeling useless and good for nothing and these thoughts are to be avoided at all costs.
So, go get busy, girl!

Do something new!

bungee jumping

Always wanted to try bungee jumping? Now is the time to finally give it a try! End of a relationship marks the start of something new. It’s just like turning to a new chapter of your life. So why not try new things while you are at it? Go out and do something you always wished to do. Travel alone, go trekking or just run a marathon.
Go out and explore everything you had been missing!

Get rid of his belongings!

exs belongings

Having your ex’s belongings and gifts strewn across your home isn’t going to help you at all! Keeping his things close will keep a hope alive in you that one day you both might end up together again. This kind of mindset can be a huge obstacle on your road to recovery. Return everything that’s his back to him to truly move on.
Out of sight, out of mind!

Stop the stalking!

cyber stalking

Stalking your ex on social media would only put you in misery, then why do it? Seeing how well he’s doing is only going to break your heart further and keep you stuck where you are by forbidding you from moving on. If possible, block him from every social media platform. Resist keeping tabs on him at all costs.
Distance is key here!

Girls, no matter how impossible it may seem right now, you will get over him. Love yourself and live to the fullest. Time is your best friend!

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