Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life!

Want to rekindle that love of yours? Want those sparks back? Want that longing back? Then you need to work on your relationship loves! No need to worry, you just need to woo your partner (again!) and show them how much you want them and how much they want you too. In every relationship, there comes a time when you have to think out of the box and let the sparks fly,inside and outside the (bed)room!

Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life!


Get Connected

Don’t forget the happy memories of the past. Reminisce about the time you first fell in love and how different it felt that time. Take steps to bond and talk about your life, goals and your life together. There is nothing more sexier than a couple who can read each others eyes. Oh Charming!

Get Connected- dancing couple

Take up dance classes together, go for a hike or have random fun together. You will surely free the appreciation in each others eyes which will rekindle the sexual spark!


Say Yes to Date Nights

date night

Most people feel that seeing each other everyday doesn’t matter but girls and guys it does. Letting your partner know that you miss them and want them will never be a cliche cause saying your mind to your partner is the key. Make plans and come up with creative date night ideas. Forget about the world for the time and just make time for the both of you. Do stupid stuff, watch the stars and talk about your future. Anything for them,fancy dinner or not!

Face your problems together

Face your problems together

No relationship can survive without ups and down and believe me problems are the ultimate step to know whether that person is worth the shot or not. Comforting and soothing your partner is your thing. You guys have to come up to each other, talk about the problems and make things work. The couple who work as team are always a team. If you get what I mean. (Smirks)

Make them want you


This is purely evil but make sure that you make them lust for you! When they are off to do their chores, they should not get you off their head. A saucy, sexy text or a note in their wallet will do the deed just fine. Your next encounter will be filled with so much of sexual tension to get off with. Your Welcome! 😉

Be Affectionate

cuddling Why you sso sexy?

Yes, they know you love them. Yes, you’ve said that a lot of times but sugar, showing affection towards your partner should not slow down with days. Compliment them, tell them know what you love about them and their body. Tell them how much control they have towards your emotions and act like a high school girl lovetstruck! Move from romantic to flirtatious to sexy!


Love birds get to business now and keep me updated on what is your spice up! 

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