Ways To Treat Dark Circles!

Those late night parties and all nighters don’t seem like a good idea when you are forced to wake up to those unsightly dark circles! dark circles Dark circles age your face like nothing can. They make you look dull and tired and can be extremely hard to conceal. Owing to our crazy lifestyles, there is an abundance of reasons that may contribute to the formation of those dreaded dark circles. Be it staying up till late, stress or unhealthy eating habits, dark circles are surely a consequence. So, how does one avoid them? Sometimes a good night’s sleep just isn’t enough. Some added TLC is required to keep those dark circles at bay. Read on to know how to look as fresh as a daisy at all times!

Green tea bags!

green tea bags Yes, your beloved green tea does a lot more than just helping you lose those extra pounds! Green tea is known to be extremely beneficial for the well being of our skin, while cold green tea bags can also work wonders on dark circles. They can also help soothe puffiness and help freshen up tired eyes. Just pop a couple tea bags in the freezer and place them over your eyelids.

Almond oil!

almond oil Almond oil is a safe and quick way to eliminate dark circles as well as ageing. Almond oil is extremely gentle on the sensitive area around the eye. Prolonged use will help fade those circles considerably. Apply a little of the same over your dark circles before going to bed, leave it overnight and wash it off with cold water in the morning.


tomatoes Used internally or externally, tomatoes can make a world of difference to your skin. Tomato’s natural bleaching properties can help whiten up those stubborn dark circles. Squeeze out some tomato juice and apply the same on the affected area. Keep it so for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing it off. Regular intake of tomato juice can also be highly beneficial.

Coconut oil!

coconut oil Coconut oil will not just help remove dark circles, but it’s nourishing and moisturising properties also help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Massage some of the oil into your dark circles and wash after a couple hours. Repeat the process twice daily for a few months to enjoy best results.


turmeric Turmeric is a cure all when it comes to skin problems. It works amazingly on anything from acne to injuries. Turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can also help lighten dark circles. Mix some turmeric powder with rose water to make a paste. Apply the same on those dark circles. Or better yet apply it all over your face for added benefits.

Vitamin rich diet!

vitamin rich diet A nutrient deficient diet is also a huge contributor of dark circles. A healthy, balanced, vitamin rich diet is vital for the elimination of dark circles. Increase your water intake as well as include vitamin enriched foods in your diet including fruits and green leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach. A healthy diet will not just help cure dark circles, but will also help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. There you go, girls! No need to hide behind makeup any more. Indulge in these effective tips and don’t let those dark circles dull your sparkle. As they say, ‘Eyes are windows to the soul’.

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