Websites That Should Be Under Your Radar!

Everyone’s familiar with Zara, Forever 21, Mango and other such budget stores, but why do we restrict ourselves to just this? Supposedly HnM is coming to India, Gap already made an appearance and enough brands should be on their way. But I think it’s time to give the Indian e commerce websites some credit! And no I don’t mean the multipurpose ones like flipkart and jabongg etc, I mean the ones which aren’t really under the radar. Not only do they have fashionable stuff but they also manage their pricing policy in such a way that you don’t feel like you’re burning a hole in your pocket.

The first site I must mention is KOOVS. They have items ranging from tops to maxi’s to bags to sunnies! They possess some of the best maxi’s and skater dresses available online. The styles are always up to date and they never seem to run out of sizes. For those of you who aren’t into branded bags, this is the site to visit. From classic styles to funky slings there’s no way you can leave this site without ordering at least one item. Another reason I love this site is that they have a great variety of swimwear – bikini’s to costumes to halters and more. They aren’t conservative with their styles which makes their swimwear so wearable. It’s a site I would recommend to almost anyone looking to shop online.


For those who love shoes – STREET STYLE STORE. This site has a zillion amazing shoes for women! That too with some great deals where you can buy 3 pairs for 999, 2 pairs for 1199 and 999 respectively. Their collection is always keeping in mind what is trending and they never tend to disappoint. I think their deals are great value for money as well as provide one with more shoes than we can ever wear. But there’s no such thing as too many shoes, is there? Their sizes are never an issue, but in case there is an issue they have a free exchange policy which makes the whole deal even sweeter!



The lazy girl hack for shopping – LIMEROAD. This site is exclusively for women. One good thing here is they put together a look which you can buy as a whole. It saves the hassle of finding all the items needed for your look separately. I’d recommend this site for shorts and jumpsuits, I repeat shorts! They have a great collection of junk jewellery also, which is something that is hard to find online. One might end up finding some good scarves after a long hunt but basically I’d say go here for shorts or jewellery.



Those who have a love for imitation jewellery need to look no further than VOYLLA. They have a great collection of imitation jewellery at various prices. Apart from this, even junk jewellery like cocktail rings and ear cuffs are found in abundance. This is one site where I found a large number of big beady pendants which is not something I come across often online. All in all, if I ever need artificial jewellery this is the first website I’d check out.



Coming to those of us who have some rich luxurious tastes – ELITIFY. They have almost every brand possible and they have a great variety under every brand. There is always some kind of sale or discount everyday which makes these items somewhat affordable. The best part about this site is that they offer cash on delivery which makes life even easier! One thing though, if you’re planning on exchanging any item be prepared to wait much longer than the expected period because their exchange process is really slow. I suggest if you are sure about size,colour and style then this is the site to visit!

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