Wedding Dresses: Moving On From White

White may be the traditional colour of the wedding gown, but it may not suit some people or if people want to stand out, there are different colours you can experiment with. Starting with pale pink, lilac, gold, buttercup yellow, baby blue, mint green and so many others, are options you could try out. Many famous fashion houses are now including these colours into their wedding lines, to suit everyone’s whims and fancies!

Pale pink:

pink-wedding-dresses-spring-2013 Pink-wedding-gown

Pale pink usually reminds us of delicate roses and a romantic sunset. Wearing such a coloured gown, be sure to look like a fresh flower heading down the aisle, ready to sail off into the sunset with your beloved. It can be paired with lavender or peach pearl accessories and a white pearl-set veil.


lilac wedding dress lilac wedding dress 2

Now, lilac is a bridesmaid-y colour, but with the right dress, you can definitely steal the show. In the language of flowers, purple lilac represents the first emotions of love; and so, wearing this colour on your wedding day will fill the air with love and a youthful freshness. Lilac dress can be paired with sparkly diamond accessories and a studded long veil.


Gold-wedding-dress-2 gold wedding dress 1

In India, gold is always seen as a colour of stature and prosperity and all things sacred. A gold wedding dress will not only make you shine on your D-Day but will also give you a dramatic flair. Any of the Tahitian pearls can be used to accessorize this dress, but so can other dark coloured stones or yellow topaz shade jewellery.

Baby blue:

blue wedding dress baby blue wedding dress

Seeing a baby blue wedding dress often makes one think of Cinderella. Adorning this shade on your wedding day will make you look like a princess who is ready to be whisked away by her prince. To give the wedding a more fairy tale like feeling, you can probably custom order transparent shoes, which will make the Cinderella look complete.

Mint green:

mint green wedding dress 2 mint green wedding dress 1

Mint green is a totally under rated colour in my opinion. This colour is associated with harmony, prosperity, youth and good luck. Wearing a mint coloured gown will make the air bouncy and will be filled with a jaunty rhythm. Mint green can be worn with simple silver jewellery which will accentuate the colour and will also give an elegant look.

Peacock blue:

peacock blue wedding dress 1 peacock blue wedding dress 2

A peacock is often symbolized as integrity and elegance. A peacock blue coloured wedding dress will make you look like a regal queen with composure and confidence. This dress can be the perfect balance between a blushing bride and a confident modern woman. Clear cut stones will be a great match with this colour and will enhance your complete look.


maroon wedding dress 1 maroon lace wedding dress

And last but not the least, the universal representative of love- red. Since it is also is the colour of the blood in your veins, wearing a striking maroon wedding dress will show the lasting bond of your marriage. This is one the rare colours that can be paired with opaque white pearls and clear twinkling diamonds.

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