Every woman dreams of the best wedding for herself. We cannot and do not want to compromise on anything when it comes to this big day. I am sure every girl has lots of plans for her wedding day and we can completely understand that. If you are getting married and your wedding celebrations are nearing, have you decided all? Do you have the perfect lingerie plans which would complement all your outfits? Here are few tips for the wedding lingerie selection for every bride to be.


The multi-way bras which have the multi-functional straps which can be adjusted in a various way are very much needed by you for the cocktail parties. Of course, you must have chosen a sexy and a pretty gown for your cocktail party, so you need a perfect strapless or the multi-functional strap for your outfit.

wedding lingerie selection


You need to beautiful lacey and the embroidered padded bras for your main wedding ceremony where you will be wearing the lehenga. Match it with the colour of your lehenga or just go for the nude shade. Also, make sure you are choosing the non wired one because that would keep you comfortable. You have to be smart for the wedding lingerie selection.

wedding lingerie selection


The essence of any saree is the blouse. If your blouse does not flatter your body in the best way, then your look can be ruined. And for the perfect blouse finish, you also need a perfect fitting bra. The balconette bras will give you the perfect shape and a great look. Make sure you buy one pair of balconette bras for sure.

wedding lingerie selection


A shape wear is very much needed for all your post wedding outfits. You may be wearing some Anarkali or the gowns for various occasions and a shape wear will keep you in shape perfectly. They are very necessary. Also, the new saree shape wear is also one ultimate piece which you need in your wardrobe, especially for your wedding occasions.

wedding lingerie selection


The wedding lingerie selection is incomplete without the baby dolls. Obviously, you are excited about it and you want to be oh so gorgeous even at the night. They are the prettiest and the most beautiful lingerie item which every bride to be must have in her closet. The baby dolls and the chemises flatter your body in the most glamorous and sexy way.

wedding lingerie selection

These were some of the best lingerie items which every bride to be must need in her closet. Whenever you are planning the lingerie for your wedding then you must keep these things in mind. These tips for the wedding lingerie selection will always help you to buy the perfect lingerie for all your wedding outfits.

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