Wedding Outfit Of The Season

Weddings are times when everyone is nervous and on the edge, especially the bride and groom. They have to choose the perfect outfits, wedding cake, food, photographer, wedding venue, etc. We are here, trying to relieve you of some stress by bringing you the perfect outfits for both of you.

Beautiful Bride :

Wedding Outfit of the Season

  • Wear this lace dress with the cute sweetheart neckline with the sapphire pendant chain , the beautifully studded high heels, the stunning high puff hairstyle and the elbow beaded veil, to see your guy go breathless watching you walk down the aisle  😉
  • The Lace wedding dress  is perfect for any body type and is available in all sizes, the Swarovski crystals create an outstanding look. Though the dress is a 2012 one, we have selected this one, as the dress of the season because nothing is out of style 😉 You have to know what to pair a dress with, to bring it back in style.
  • Something blue for the bride – Blue Sapphire necklace. This Sapphire necklace gives you a simple yet elegant look. The chain is well made and the whole thing goes well with the sweetheart neckline of the dress.
  • This Elbow Beading Veil goes well with the outfit and if you don’t want a veil then you can just go without one.
  • Lace Bridal Shoes complete the look. With their neatly studded beads and laced up front, the heels go with the lace dress perfectly.
  • Since the dress is a strapless sweetheart necked dress, the high puff hairstyle will look fabulous.


Handsome Groom :

Groom's Wedding Outfit Of the Season


Many jokes are made on the bride-to-be turning into a bridezilla, but people often forget that the groom-to-be is also as nervous as the bride. The groom gets all worked up because he wants to give his lovely bride a perfect, dream wedding. He bends way over to look his best and not ruin his girl’s day. So, all the grooms-to-be out there, don’t stress yourself too much, at least not for choosing the perfect outfit because we have the outfit of the season here 😉

  • While thinking of a wedding outfit for a groom, the first thing that pops into your brain is the tuxedo. We have gone through tons of tuxedos and brought to you the best pick – Selected Homme Black Suit. The brand speaks for itself, but let us also tell you why we chose this particular one. The cut and stitch of this suit is perfect. If your bride is going to look drop dead gorgeous then you have to look sexy as hell 😉 Go for it!
  • Your girl is definitely going to wear at least one piece of jewelry, why shouldn’t you? That’s why we brought you the best looking cuff links that go with the suit superbly.Classy Silver Cufflinks
  • Your outfit is not complete without a pair of proper shoes. We have selected Slaters Patent Hi Shine Formal Shoes because they match the color of the tux and look dashing.
  • Lastly, a tie. You can wear a tie that matches your girl’s outfit. We chose Chain Reaction Light Champagne Color Tie because the color matches with the bride’s outfit we have chosen above. The light champagne color is similar to the middle part of the bride’s dress. The tie is not plain, old-fashioned one, it has chain print on it which looks stylish. Even without a tie, the outfit looks elegant. It’s up to you to wear one or not, but we personally think the tie adds style to your complete outfit.

So, now that the outfits part is taken care of by us, you can worry about other things 😛 Comment below if you liked the outfits we chose and let us know if you want one with Indian Wedding Wear too. 😉

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