Welcome 2016!: New Year Resolutions In Style

A good year needs to be welcomed in style. What can be better then than making resolutions and trying to follow them this new year? Put your energy into a list of things that can groom you. Manage your time and use it the best possible way. It’s tough to keep them but why not give a try. Here is the list of resolutions to follow!



1) Try Something New

new look

A New Year means a fresh start; so, try something new and beauty is no exception. Explore new looks and try the one which you have never tried before. Stop being boring and trying same old looks. Step out of your shoes and discover new things. Keep it simple, keep it different! Try to wear a simple bracelet or a simple necklace with your white shirt and denim jeans if you have been going absolutely plain till now.

2) Just Donate


Decide to wear everything at least once or twice you have in your closet or else donate it. Just because something is no longer in your personal size or style, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t like it. Spread happiness by sharing your closet with needy people. Gift some comfort!

3) Always Be Comfortable


Wear what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. Doing so will help keep your mood bright. It will make you stress free and happy. Never compromise comfort and quality over quantity. Don’t fear about your own style. Some will like it, some will not. But, who cares? The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself!

4) Be Buoyant With Sequin

Having a positive and cheerful approach towards everything you like can make a big difference. Being happy not only bursts stress but also attracts people towards you. Try various glitters and colours that can make you feel as well as look sparky and lively! Sequin can be your go-to thing when looking for sass and pizzazz!

5) Buy Classic Over Trendy

A Classic item is usually a little more expensive than a trendy item, but it can never go out of style. A trendy piece can work for a year or just for a time period and  you might not wear it after that. But a classic piece of cloth is forever. Always remember quality matters the most!


6) Wear With Confidence


Your attitude behind the clothes you wear can make or break the look. Identify the source of your lack of confidence and try to improve it. Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!

Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes. It inspires us to be a better person. When you look good, you feel good and feeling good is not a crime. So this new year, try to be a better version of your own self. Instead of caring about others’ style, change your own style by these resolutions. Be beautiful inside and out. Be the best version of you!

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