Well heeled! 11 heels to spice up your outfit

Heeled shoes or simply heels are every woman’s quintessential splurge. So, if you are new to the fashion world you’ll need a kind of textbook, shall I say, to tell you what’s what. Wearing heels for a long time may cause spinal cord injuries in the long run, but we still can wear them without literally breaking our backs! Here are a few types of heels you can try out and also learn their names, on your way to becoming a glam diva!


black stilettos

Let’s start with the tallest, highest heels of them all- stilettos. They can reach up to almost 8 inches. They might be a bit difficult to walk in initially, but you can get used to it with practice. They can be used when you want to showcase your legs and want them to look graciously long.



They are the ones that are often called high heels. They can be up to 2-3 inches in height. They have wide cut and are open and low cut in the front.

Ankle strap heels:

ankle strap heels

They are the perfect choice for beginners as they have this strap around the ankle that makes it more comfortable and secure to walk in. But unlike training wheels they are also completely fabulous to look at!

Kitten heels:

pink kitten heels

They are perfect for tall women who don’t want to add too much height but still want to wear heels. They can also be worn for comfort as they just have an inch of heels.

Cone heels:

cone heels

Like the name states, these heels will be in the form of inverted cones, that is, wider at the soles and narrower towards the bottom. Like stilettos, they can also be tricky to tackle, but if the outfit demands it, well then you better practice!


wedge sandals wedge shoes

There are two types of wedges: wedge shoes and wedge sandals. Wedge shoes have no straps or anything in between the front and heel rest. On the other hand, wedge sandals have straps or buckles between the front and the heel rest.

Peep toes:

peep toes

These heels are made to give your toes a sneak peek into the world! You can wear these when you want to show off your well groomed toe nails or when you have a pop of colour on your toe nails.


red platforms

These are also tall heels, but the difference between them and stilettos, is the extra thickness under the toes. This ensures that the heels are easier to handle and also add a lot of height to your legs.

High heeled boots:

boot heels

As the name suggests, you can pick these if you don’t want to look girly girly but also want a touch of feminity. These pair well with jeans and leather pants, or skirts.

Oxford heels:

oxford heels

We are familiar with the male oxford shoes. Well, here is the female version, complete with wingtips and laces. They will look amazing with formal suits and skirts.

French heels:

67.110.73a 0002

Also known as Louis heels or Pompador heels, they are short curvy heels and quirky to look at.

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