What NOT To Do On A First Date!

First dates are as scary as it gets. You are going out with that hunky guy for the first time, you want to make a lasting impression, you are trying hard not to screw it all up. All you want is for the date to be as perfect as possible without looking like you are trying too hard.

first date

“What if something goes horribly wrong?” is a question that continues to haunt you. But don’t sweat! We, at Wonder Wardrobes, totally have your back. We are here with a cheat sheet that will ensure the smooth sailing of your first date. Here is everything that you should avoid doing at all costs to turn this first date into something more!


dont be late

We know, we know! It’s your very first date and you have to look nothing less than fabulous and looking fabulous requires time! But girls, being tardy isn’t attractive to any man. No matter what you gotta stick by the clock. You need to show your man that you value his time and respect him enough to tell him if you are running late. Start dolling up early to avoid being late. Being fashionably late is so not an option when it comes to a first date.
Time and tide wait for none!


dont talk about your ex

This should totally be among the unspoken rules of dating! You just can’t bring up your ex on the very first date. It will hurt your chances of going on a second date big time. Your date might even be led to believe that you are still not over your ex and may even make them feel disrespected. Comparing them with your ex is a huge no-no! Also asking them about their ex may also not be such a bright idea. So ladies keep the ex-talk for the later stages of your relationship and focus on the man at hand.
Your ex is your ex for a reason!


dont talk about marriage

Unless you wanna deliberately end the date ASAP, don’t mention marriage at all! Marriage talks should never be on the table on the very first date. Even discussing the future is certainly off limits. So it’s better to keep the conversation in the moment and avoid bringing up the future. You should never come out too strong else they’ll scare off too easy.
So lay off on the future talks else they’ll be gone before you say “I do!”


dont keep talking about yourself

Don’t let your nervousness get the best of you. If you keep talking about yourself then you might come off as too self-centred. That is surely not the image you want to portray! Pepper your conversation with questions about your date’s hobbies, nature of work, family etc. But also don’t go overboard with the questions! Asking your date about their life will make them feel respected and it’ll let them know that you care.
Be a good listener first and foremost!


dont be a finicky eater

Shove away that salad and feast on some cheesy pizza instead! Guys like girls who don’t hold back on their food. They admire girls who don’t fuss over diets and are equally comfortable in going fine dining or eating from a street vendor.
So forget your diet at least for the night and eat your way to a second date!


dont stay on the phone

This is a no-brainer. Staying on your phone too much just screams ‘worst date ever’. When you make your phone your priority especially on the first date, you show utter disregard for your date. You are telling them that “my time is more precious than yours.” It also appears like you are bored of the date. That is not the message you wanna send across! You need to give your date your undivided attention if you ever wanna see them again.
You better put that phone on vibrate!


dont talk about problems

It’s your very first intimate meeting, you don’t have to weigh him down with your problems. Be it medical or personal, all your innermost gory details should not be a part of your first date. Keep the conversation light and casual and avoid touching upon any sad topics at all costs.
There’s no room for tears on a first date!

There you go, ladies. With all these tips in hand, he’ll be fawning over you all night long. So, go, get dolled up, girls and make him fall for you over and over again!

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