What To Wear With Long Skirts?

Long skirts are the best pick for summertime. Let the wind blow in your face as you face the hot sun. Feel free and look beautiful with flowy skirts. You could pair them with ceop tops or tank tops, depending on your choice. You could go simple or grand. Style your skirts the way you want them to look. Let’s take a look at some of the styles you could choose from.

#1 Tank Tops –

White Tank Top with long skirt

Pair long skirts with tank tops for the casual look. This blue, white and black patterned skirt goes well with a white tank top. If your skirt has patterns on it, it’s best to stick with plain tops.

Black Tank Top with long skirt

This floral print white skirt with pockets, looks simple and elegant with a black tank top. Complete the look with a belt, if you like. These outfits could be worn for a day out on the beach.

#2 T-shirts –

polka dotted black and white t-shirtt with long skirt

Full sleeve t-shirts are the perfect match for plain skirts. This polka dotted black and white t-shirt elevates the look of the otherwise plain yellow flared skirt.

white striped t-shirt with long skirt

A black and white striped t-shirt looks beautiful with a red maxi skirt. These casuals are perfect for a picnic out in the garden.

#3 Crop Tops –

crop top with long skirt

Look royal with a black, silver and gold printed skirt. Pair it with a matching crop top with full sleeves. Complete the look with antique jewellery.

blue crop top with long skirt

This royal blue skirt is well matched with a  royal blue laced crop top. Complete the look with silver accessories such as chandelier earrings and bangles. These outfits are the best pick for night outs.

#4 Contrasts –

white full sleeve shirt with long skirt

A white full sleeve shirt will go well with a black embellished skirt. Tone down the glitter with minimal accessory. Complete the look with pointed heels.

black crop top with a white laced skirt

Or a black crop top with a white laced skirt is a good match. The look is simple, yet elegant. Pair it with black boots or pumps. The simplicity of the tops do not overdo the grandeur of the skirts.

#5 Florals –

floral skirts with matching crop tops

For floral skirts,wear matching crop tops. This blue and red floral print is the right pick for summer. This one’s fit for formal outings.

white off-shoulder crop top with long skirt

A white off-shoulder crop top fits perfectly with a floral skirt. It accentuates the skirts’ shinyness and doesn’t overdo the glamorous look.

Keep it simple if you’re wearing embellished skirts. With the florals, you could go for matching tops. For plain skirts, go all out with colour and patterns. Whichever style you prefer, make sure the top doesn’t overdo the beauty of the skirt. Let the outfit speak dor itself and avoid accessories when you can. Feel beautiful in skirts this summer. Create your own styles and mix-and-mix-and-match the outfits. Don’t empty your wallets in the beginning of the year. Wear what you’ve with style and you’re good to go!

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