Winter Love- 10 Ways to style a Sweater Dress

New day, new beginnings and here I am with a new perspective and a new dream. Wonder Wardrobes has finally happened after longest times of mindless wanderings on how to go about it. You know how it is, the ifs, hows and whats can mostly be blamed for all ideas that see their burial before they are ever lived. But this one became possible, thanks to a person who aspires far beyond what I do. My sky is almost his ground … or is it?

By the way I have been long delaying this introductory post to make it happen on a day which happens to be the birthday of the man who has perhaps in the last 4 years motivated me to pursue my passion every single second. He to me is as important as oxygen is to life! So Happy Birthday Sunshine 🙂

Enough done with my random ramblings, winters are happening to get moody all the time. I believe they are still there to stay. Though its getting sunny by the day, don’t take the risk of trashing your woollens. They are the sole relief you have by the night.

So here it is, Top 10 ways to style a sweater dress to look as fashionable as ever

1. Wrap a matching woollen muffler and put on some contrast knee length boots. A sober statement to make without roasting to the Christmas goose neither being over the top

Style Sweater dress 1

2. When it is a short Burberry print dress we are talking about, remember that less is always more. Go minimal with only black leggings or stockings and booties along with a beanie (which is absolutely your choice). Throwing on a cape over your shoulders takes the dress to a new level altogether. Add to that a small satchel or clutch and you are good to go.

Style Sweater dress 2

3. It is always a wonderful idea to go casual and unconventional with it. Throw on the jumper sweater dress over a collared cotton shirt just like you’d do with an oversized boyfriend sweater. To that add a hat, neither too bold nor too understated and a contrast sling bag (or maybe go safe with a nude or black faux leather one). Be that tom boy from school, just the one boys couldn’t ignore. Make casual look sexy.

Style Sweater dress 3

4. The way you can move around your house just as confidently as you’d go to office. A perfect work wear and movie hangout style tip. Wear striped sweater jumper dress with plain black stockings and add volume curls to your hair. Add to them casual sneakers and heel sneakers make it even better.

Style Sweater dress 4

5. Another classy way to go about it is to add a short blazer and a matching tote or hobo bag. Add to those oversized sunglasses (if only it is day time … please?) Nudes are always the best colour to go with when you just cannot zero in on anything else. A perfect outfit for a day date, an evening out with your girlfriends, or that basketball match your guy forced you to accompany to.

Style Sweater dress 5

6. The cutest way to go about it. Perfect for day when you have guests over till late night and you want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Wear a sweater dress like you would a short nightie and add to it a woollen beanie which serves no purpose but to add to the look. And if it’s indoors you need to flaunt it, add cute socks and bunny slippers or woollen nightwear boots. For outdoor gatherings exchange footwear for more formal uggs or leather boots.

Style Sweater dress 6

7. If you are in a mood to make the sweater dress perfect for a porcelain doll look, choose a slightly flared woollen dress and wear below it a short princess dress to add to the volume of the flare. Pair it with beautiful hair accessories like a decorative head band or a clip on flowery bow. Wear suede boots or uggs and be the porcelain doll with the old world charm.

Style Sweater dress 7

8. A perfect way to style your outfit if it is a shopping outing or a plain taking your pet on a walk day. The best way to style yourself on a day post a hangover because guess what? They won’t be able to see your eyes. Throw on a loose sweater dress, add to it a statement structured bag which is not of too contrast a colour and add dark shades or sunglasses (preferably the shape that Audrey Hepburn has almost claimed as her own). So when you are not in for putting in too much effort in that outfit, here’s is the trick

Style Sweater dress 8

9. One way in which a sweater dress can never go wrong. Like never ever! Throw on a long coat over the sweater dress. Same tone, matching or contrast. Wear a furry coat if you want to make the look more wintery while a longish suede coat will do the trick if it is for office.

Style Sweater dress 9

10.  And if your sweater dress is long and body hugging, a way to define your waist and keep eyes away from your problem area is to add a broad belt and be ready to go. If however you are top heavy, keep in mind that you do not tie the belt on your upper waist as that would enhance your bust and make you look heavier than ever.

Style Sweater dress 10

So try these styles and more and share your favourite way of styling your sweater dress.

So until next time, keep well and remain safe.


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