Your Eye Colour and what it says about you

Beautiful eyes

Your eyes can say a lot about you. They say eyes are the window to our souls and it can’t be truer. Eye our very expressive and powerful. One look into your eyes and people can know what you are feeling. Whether you are happy, sad, confused, surprised, everything. But did you know even the color of your eyes can speak a lot about you too?

We are here to tell you about everything that your eyes say about you. Take a look –

1) Black –

Black colored eyes

If you didn’t know then true black eyes are one of the rarest eye color in the world. Most of the times what we think our black eyes are actually dark brown eyes. Such people are mysterious, secretive and sensual. They are very trustworthy and responsible. They are reluctant to start friendships and fall in love with people. Those with black eyes have a tendency to be secretive. However when the make friendships and enter into relationships, they are extremely loyal. Black eyes are also associated with intuition. Such people are very optimistic and aren’t afraid to show the world what they are made of.

2) Brown –

Brown coloured eyes

Brown is the most common eye color found across the world. It is a strong and rich color. People with brown eyes are creative, independent, gorgeous and courageous.They are independent, polite, and caring. They love making new friends and are always up for trying new things in life. They are mysterious and symbol of simplicity. They adore mother nature. These people are great lovers. And one of their best quality is you can ask them about any help and they will go out of their way to make you happy and satisfied.

3) Blue –

Blue coloured eyes

There is something about this color. Firstly blue eyes are the most sought after eye color in the world. And secondly its so refreshing and lively. They are energetic and bright which makes them an instant eye catcher. Blue-eyed people have a desire to make everyone happy and they can even go  an extra mile for it. They are kind, sincere and full of life. Also people with such eyes are very keen observers. They love making long lasting relationships and you will always find yourself having fun with them. We all want a blue-eyed person in our lives!

4) Green –

Green coloured eyes

This is one such eye color where you can instantly get lost in. They are youthful, vibrant, compassionate and extremely passionate. They are associated with mystery and have an enigma around them. Green eyed people are intelligent and always the first to take interest in something new. They have the urge to live the life to the fullest. But, they can get jealous very easily even over the simplest things. But, they have far more positives than negatives and cannot be ignored for it.

5) Grey –

Grey coloured eyes

Grey eyes are one of the best eye color to have. They are born leaders. They are associated with mystery, strength, wisdom and intelligence. But their biggest quality is gentleness and confidence. They are loyal and without devotion and passion in everything they do. These are the people who will not fool around with love and relationships and take it very seriously. They are creative and flexible – one quality which is possessed by great leaders. The company of such people will surely have a positive effect on us. Such people should be around because their gentleness is surely going to sway us all.

6) Hazel –

Hazel coloured eyes

Hazel is a beautiful eye color. It is a mixture of brown and green. Hazel eyed people independent, sensitive and temperamental. They are always up for challenge and willing to try new things. They go with the flow and adapt things very easily. They get bored very easily. Their eyes attract many people to them but they don’t take relationships seriously unless you are the one for them. They also have a bit of anger problem. But if you can handle them then they are one of the best people to be with.

Its interesting to learn about eye colors and what they actually mean because the next time to meet someone, just one look into their eyes and bam! there’s everything you need to know about them.

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