Your Personal Guide On How To Be The Fashion Queen

In the 21st century, fashion is no more a luxury only for the elite. It has been seeped down in to the youngest of generations and has become one of the topmost criteria constituting that “first impression”. The phrase “looks is not everything” has become obsolete in today’s time because we all know that your looks are the first thing that a person sees in you when meeting for the first time. So how to not make a bad impression?

Fashion is the language that speaks without words. It can brighten up your personality and give you a confidence that you never thought you had. And we all know how amazing it feels to have the spotlight on you, but not when it is for the wrong reasons. I mean nobody today would be liked to be tagged as a “fashion disaster”, no matter how insignificant they pretend it to be.

Don't Be A Fashion Disaster

So here are some tips to be the ultimate “Style Diva” and dodge the fashion police.

1. Look into the mirror before you leave your place

Look In The Mirror Before Stepping Out

Sometimes your conscious self is the best fashion adviser that you can have. Take a long look into the mirror once you have put on your whole outfit. If anything feels wrong, discard it. Minimalism has become the new sexy now, you want to be the star of the party and not a disco ball.


2. Know where you are going and dress accordingly

Dress Accordingly

Fashion is not just clothes, it constitutes even the littlest part of your attire, down from the dress to the shade of your lipstick. And the first thing you need to do is to plan out your outfit. People may look down and say “who thinks about what to wear?” But why not? You want to look your best, right? So why not think about it beforehand. The outfit must always be according to the occasion or you will be a bomb ready to explode in front of the fashion police. And anyway, a bikini would never be an appropriate attire for a wedding, right?


3. Mix and match

Mix And Match

You don’t always need to wear the same shade of colors, in fact that becomes boring. Wear some contrasting colors to make your outfit shine out. But don’t go over on that too because too many colors always seem like a haphazard flower garden. And you are a woman, not a theme park! Even when wearing the same solid color, try to put in a little bit color to it with a different colored handbag or shoes or just some nice jewelry. That ought to do the trick.


4. Never be too much

Never Be Too Much

Bring the concentration to one part of your outfit, whether it is the jewelry or that beautiful new bag you bought. Too much bling would make you a Christmas tree, and that only is suitable for those themed Christmas parties, for kids!


5. The right makeup

Do The Right Makeup

Makeup does not always mean pouring layers of foundation or that heavy eye shadow and mascara. Rather, go subtle if you are having any doubts. That perfect shade of lipstick and lightly smokey eyes go perfectly with almost all of your looks. Just like your accessories, don’t go too much and concentrate on just one of your features and highlight them out with the right contours.


6. Those shoes will take you way ahead

Wear The Right Shoes

A lot of times people forget that the right shoes can help you conquer the world. Well, here in this case, it is the world of your audience’s mind. Those hot red pumps make a simple little black dress an outfit to die for. But know your limit of the heel, you don’t want to walk like a truck driver with that beautiful dress on. Stumbling with heels on makes a really bad impression on the onlookers.


7. Be the Queen you want people to see you as

Be The Queen

The key to any fashion is that mesmerizing confidence. You look perfect the way you are, don’t let people tell you otherwise. Even in a plain outfit, you can shine bright with that confident smile. And that confident smile can only come across when you are comfortable in what you wear. That low cut blouse makes you too aware about yourself? Don’t wear it. It is not always about the most show of the skin. When you are confident and comfortable with the outfit you wear, people would automatically treat you as the Empress that you ought to be.


Fashion is a language that everyone interprets differently. Be subtle and be confident and everyone will understand you perfectly.

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