Your Ultimate Guide to DIYs!

We see enough blogs and fashion articles related to ‘Wardrobe Must Haves’ , ’10 Closet Essentials’ and the infamous ‘Summer/Sprig/Autumn/Fall/Winter(and more if they could create new seasons) Essentials’ . But what about those piles and piles AND PILES of clothes we have lying in our cupboard; ignored, unworn and sometimes brand new yet ignored and unworn! Its about time we put those clothes to use, if not as clothes then as accessories to other items of our outfit.

Ever felt that you were more creative or had an amazing fashion vision you’d like to make real, but then realized your creative skills are as good as a dancer with two left feet? Some of us are just plain lazy to convert something old into something brand new, but there’s a definite plus point – its unique and totally you. So how about we ditch the usual fashion blogs and look at some ideas to convert our unused items into something we would love to wear or carry anytime, anywhere!


All of us have closets full of a millions jeans and white tee’s, a zillion black ones and a hundred billion printed tops and tanks we probably never wear (it might sound exaggerated , but it sure feels like there’s too much of that unworn stuff lying around). Then comes the problem of throwing stuff away, something was gifted by an old boyfriend, something from your grandmother while another was from a close friends while ones just too cute to throw away – very well knowing at the back of your mind that these items are meant to be hoarded, but not worn.

So we all own atleast 5 pairs of jeans, if not more, which we no longer wear. So its time to put these jeans back in fashion by making them ripped jeans using just sandpaper and a blade! Use the sandpaper to rub the area’s you want to rip it, then use a blade over the sandpapered area to rip it properly. If you’re in the mood for some colour, use a fabric marker and stain the ripped area with your marker. Now these are a pair of brand new jeans! Another great suggestion is to cut up your straight fitted jeans (not slip fitted cause they’re too tight at the thighs) at thigh length or shorter, then hand them over to a tailor or the designated tailor – your mom, and get them hemmed up to make adorable shorts. If you want a rugged look at the bottom, forgo the hemming bit and wear them as it is.

diy jeans

Backless tops, halter necks and side rips are very in these days! So why not make your own? Take your old top, cut it from the side and tie the remaining bits with each other or cut the centre of the back out and use bows made from a different fabric in place! These tee’s will be super unique, and it’s a great way to use your old never-to-be-worn-again solids.

diy crop top

Almost all of us have 10-12 phone covers, because how can you not buy it when it looks so funky even if the old one is just a week old? And without doubt we all picked up a few plain ones, just to match our outfits at times. Its type to revamp the covers using glitters, sequence, nail polish or anything you can think of. All you need is some glue and you’re ready to stick on whatever you like. Another great idea is to take a plain white colour and use different permanent markers to draw any design you like. And tada, just like that you have a, oops I mean another brand new cover!

diy phone cover

Anyone who says they don’t own white canvas bata shoes clearly never went to school in India, but those of us who do could totally use this trick. Instead of hoarding them as ‘my last pair of school shoes’ dress them up and use them as everyday sneakers. All you need is some fabric paint, and if you’re planning on adding glitter and bling then some fabric glue. Even you old plain coloured heels can be revamped by using some fabric glue and sticking glitter on the whole heel – it even helps hide the fact that you’ve totally and completely worn the heel out.

diy shoes

Kate Spade and Moschino totally made quote clutches fashionable, so why not try making your own? All you need is a white pouch, some paint and fabric letters (If you have a good artistic hand, you could paint them on yourself). Paint a part of your clutch or the whole clutch any shade you like, once the paint has dried stick on the fabric lettering and iron; its that simple!

diy clutch

Atleast now your mom can’t complain about how your have no place in you closet or how you don’t wear half your clothes. Plus she will be rather impressed when you use old stuff to make brand new things – without “wasting” her money on clothes you won’t wear more than twice. Its time to get creative in style!

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